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Best of Show Myles Weber

We go way back to the old Big Z Studio and Re-Release this episode with Myles Weber. The reason is that Myles has just Won a Major Comedy Competition in San Francisco. Listen and Enjoy.

JALS #214 Improver Chris Crotty

We talk to somebody who does one of the Scariest things we can think of, IMPROV!!! The boys have Chris Crotty from Comedy Sportz in studio to talk about all things Improv. The Boys might even take a Class. Listen and Enjoy!


JALS #213 Author Angel C. Knox

We add a little Culture to the show, we have the Author of the book "My Three Trees", Angel C. Knox in Studio. She is a Survivor of Hurricane Katrina and the book is about Her spiritual journey after this traumatic event. It is a very interesting road she takes from College to a women's homeless shelter to the Military and much more. Listen and enjoy.


JALS #212 Mike Millerick and Stocton Con

It's that time of year again and Stockton Con is in the air. Mike Millerick is back to talk about the upcoming Convention. This is the 4th year of Mike's creation and it's Bigger and Better then ever. Listen and enjoy.


JALS #211 The Boys Talk It Up

We have a Guest who is No Show so the Boys make due. We find out what projects are in the Pipeline. Leo has a Documentary he is working on and Junior is Announcing for a Local Wrestling League. Listen and Enjoy.

JALS #210 Jay Siren

On this episode we have the Vivacious, the Salacious, the Sizzling Jay Siren from the Burlesque group The Sizzling Sirens. She Assels into Big Z Studios and tells us about there Big 7th Anniversary show coming up this month. We find out why she started the group and how she was finally talked or threatened into going on stage. Listen and Enjoy.

JALS #209 Twelve27 Films

We have a FULL House in Big Z Studios. We have 4 Guests and 1 Intern. That's 7 People in a small room, the Boys are Happy no one had Gas. We find out how this fledgling film company got it's start and it's name. We talk to the driving force behind the company and hear his philosophy about Ladders and Balloons. We liked this look on the Industry very much! Listen and Enjoy. 


JALS #208 Comedian Kul Black

On this episode of the Show Comedian Kul Black stops by to talk about his Life in Comedy. He moved around a lot so he used his sense of Humor to make friends. We talk family and since it's such a topic now we hear how Racism affected his Life. Listen and Enjoy.


JALS #207 Rellik

The Crew from the locally shot Series "RELLIK" drops by the Studio. We have Writer/Producer Gwen Conklin and Executive Producer Tony Marsh. We talk about the Creation of this project,  We find out when Tim Russ decided to become a part of this Series and what it was like using all local people. It was a fun time.


JALS #206 Big Idea Theater

Members of Big Idea Theater Drop by Big Z Studios. It's a packed house with 4 guests. We learn about Local Theater and some Big upcoming events. Listen and Enjoy!



JALS #205 Tim Meunier from the Sac Horror Film Festival

The Boys hear how Tim Meunier got the idea for the Sacramento Horror Film Festival. Live stage shows are also discussed. Listen and Enjoy.


JALS #204 Screenwriter Ed Fletcher

Screenwriter Ed Fletcher drops by the Big Z Studio to talk about His upcoming project "Pink". It's a Movie we can get Behind. It's about a Local Strip Club. We also talk about the trend away from Print Media to New Media. Pretty interesting topic, especially the Strip Club. Did I mention there's a Strip Club? Strip Club!


JALS #203 The Band Odame’ Sucks

In the Big Z Studios this week we have the Band Odame' Sucks. An odd name for a unique group of people. They are all related! And not in that Southern marry your sister kind of way. They sing a couple of songs that meld Music and Spoken Word, pretty mesmerizing. Listen and Enjoy!

JALS #202 Racing Announcer Ace Nailor

This week in Big Z Studios we do a Skype interview with Racing Announcer Ace Nailor. He tells how he got started with a Local Wresting Federation them moved on to Auto Racing. He also has done a little Theater work. We find out about his upcoming projects in 2015. Listen and enjoy.

JALS #201 Yung Sam

In the Big Z Studios we have a Driven young man by the name of Yung Sam. He is local Music Artist who knows how to use Social Media to get his name out there. We play his latest track and learn what drives him. Listen and enjoy.





JALS 200: The 200th Episode Episode

It's the 200th episode of The Junior & Leo Show and to celebrate the milestone, Junior and Leo decide to go guestless this time out and spend their time chatting about the last 200 episodes. Listen as they discuss their favorite moments from the show as well as some of the cool things doing the show has allowed them to do.

To those of you who continue to listen, or are just joining us, thank you for spending time with us! Here's two another 200!

JALS #199 Comedian D Tyler

Comedian D Tyler drops by Big Z Studios. We find out the his history and how he gets his comedy styling. Listen and Enjoy.

JALS #198 Comedian Michael O’Connell

On this episode we have Comedian Michael O'Connell. Some of you might be asking, "Isn't he Dead?". Well he's not and that's a Terrible thing to say! We will find out how he "Almost" died. Take a listen and enjoy.

JALS #197 Improv Musician Lincoln Bartlett

We have the pleasure of 2 Comedy Musicians in Big Z Studios. We have the Musical Director of the Sacramento Comedy Spot Lincoln Bartlett. He regales us with an Improv melody then he ends the Show with a surprise song that was actually Written! The stand in for Junior is the One and Only Hunter Hill, who does a mash up of his Newest Comedy Song with Lincoln. Enjoy.

Make Up Episode 189

The Boys make up a missed episode. Leo forgot to label number 189, so here it is. Enjoy. 

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