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Episode 34: Eben07 Creators Eben Burgoon & Dan Bethel

The creators of the webcomic, Eben07, Eben Burgoon (writer) and Dan Bethel (Artist), dropped by the Big Z Broadcast Studio to talk about their webcomic work, working together, and the origin of Eben's name. Check it out!

Episode 33: The Mouths of Madness Podcast

On this week's episode, Andrew and Rocky from The Mouths of Madness Podcast drop by the Big Z Broadcast Studio to talk about how they got into the podcasting game, as well as a few things horror. Also on the show: DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince's "Nightmare on My Street," we do the "Monster Mash," and the guys talk about their experience opening for friend of the show, Mike Betancourt, in Concord, CA.

Episode 32: Mike Millerick (Founder of Stockton-Con)

On this episode the creator/founder of the Stockton comic book convention, Stockton-Con, Mike Millerick, drops into the Big Z Broadcast Studio to talk about what it took to set up Stockton, CA's first ever comic book convention, his travels to other cons around the country, and we even get a little geeky about comedy and television. Also on the show: A song from Sweet Vine, and Junior's outrage at his guests uncanny ability to dominate him at SongPop.

Episode 31: Comediennes Cheryl Anderson & Steph Garcia

On this episode a couple of The Real Housewives of Rio Linda, Cheryl "the Soccer Mom" Anderson and Steph Garcia drop by the Big Z Broadcast Studio to talk about their comedy careers to date, having supportive husbands, being funny moms, and even impart sage like wisdom to Leo about the art of comedy. Also on the show: Leo updates us about his traffic ticket debacle, Junior's garage door won't open, and we feature a couple of really inappropriate sexually charged rap songs for our breaks.

Be sure to check out The Real (Funny) Housewives of Rio Linda at the Sacramento Punchline on Wednesday, October 24th at 8pm. GET TICKETS!

Episode 30: Singer/Songwriter Hans Eberbach is in the Studio!

2012 Sammie Singer/Songwriter Winner Hans Eberbach drops by the Big Z Broadcasting studio to talk about what it's like to be an active musician and a family man. He also shares about his days with the band Sweet Vine, the years he spent working in corrections, and his experience trying out for NBC's "The Voice." Hans also provides our music breaks playing his songs, "HushBreathHush""My Soul My Song" and "Can't Stop Loving You" live on the show! Check out Hans on Facebook and Twitter.

Episode 29: Creator, Stephanie Rector

On this episode creator and organizer, Stephanie Rector, drops by the Big Z Broadcasting Studio to discuss life as a geek living in Sacramento, California, as well as all the wonderfully geeky things there are to do in the River City, all of which can be found at her site. The guys also call up local independent creator and stand-up comedian, B.A. Hunter, to talk about future shows he has coming up as well as his production company, Head Hunter ProductionsAlso on the show: Deaf Pedestrians, Junior locks himself out of his new house, and Leo shares his theory of what makes hat a "hat."

Episode 28: Author Pete Densmore

This week the guys welcome the author of "DADspirations: The First 100 Days of Fatherhood," Pete Densmore to the show. They chat about what it was like for Pete to go from occasional writer to full blown author, all while balancing a day job, a commute, a wife, and two kids. The guys also call up Stockton comic, Saul Trujillo, to talk to him about a Halloween themed comedy and music show he has coming up later this month. Also on the show: Leo shares what it was like performing at the New Faces of Comedy Showcase at the Sacramento Punchline, and Junior explains how awesome it is to need to poo and have a choice of which of his toilets to use!

Episode 27: Comedian Kareem Daniels

On this episode stand-up comedian, Kareem Daniels, stops by the Big Z Broadcast Studio to discuss his journey from masseuse to joke slinger! We also discuss race in comedy, Leo's Craigslist misadventure, and why the Black and Mexican community don't get along.

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