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Episode 41: Justin Worsham (Comedian & The DAD Podcast)

Comedian and podcaster, Justin Worsham, enters the treacherous Big Z Broadcast Studio this episode to discuss his career as an actor, comedian, podcaster, and dad! He shares some of his experiences of being on the road, and away from family, as well as the joy he's found in creating podcasts. Also on the show: Leo almost gets in a fight with a random doucher, and Junior proves once again how big of a pussy he is.

Justin Worsham will be headlining Sacramento's Laughs Unlimited this weekend, Thursday, November 29th - Sunday, December 2! Be sure to get out and support him.

Justin Worsham: Twitter / Facebook / Youtube / Website The Junior & Leo Show: Email / Facebook

Episode 40: Comedian Keith Lowell Jensen

On this episode comedian Keith Lowell Jensen drops by to talk about his evolution from joke slinging fly to political/observational comic. We also talk about how he balances doing gigs with a wife and three year old at home. Also on the show: Junior and Leo whine about being tired.

Episode 39: Poet David Iribarne

On this episode of the Junior and Leo Show we have local Poet David Iribarne. David talks about his family and how some tragic events shaped his poetry. He talks about the local scene and recites some of his own works.

Episode 38: Comedian Rick Pulido!

Artist, actor, and comedian, Rick Pulido drops by the Big Z Broadcast Studio and talks about his early forray into comedy, his subsequent years as a self employed freelance artist, and eventual return to stand-up.

Episode 37: Owner of Empire Comics Vault Ben Schwartz!

Check out episode 37 of The Junior & Leo Show with our special guest, Ben Schwartz, owner of the lovely Empire's Comics Vault, as well as a comic book writer and reviewer. Listen to Leo and I rant about election day stuff, and then listen to us talk to Ben about writing comics, owning a shop, and playing with pugs.

Episode 36: Artist Tomas Overbai

Illustrator and comic booker, Tomas Overbai, drops by the Big Z Broadcast Studio to talk about his life as an artist, his philosophies on creation, and about some of his projects he's working on.

Episode 35: Captain Amazing & the Okay I Guesses

On this special episode, the fine gentlemen of folk rock band, Captain Amazing & the Okay I Guesses, drop by the Big Z Broadcast Studio to talk about their life as a band, where they got their start, how they came together, and how they balance being in a band with being men with responsibilities. They also perform their tunes "Golden Spiral," "I Know Something's Wrong" and "Who Needs a Girlfriend." Also on the show: Mustaches, Chest Hair, Dick Jokes, and Leo Zuniga!

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