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Episode 53: Comedian Rich Brockman


In many ways, the idea of being "tough" and "funny" seems impossible. For decades the comedy ranks have been overrun with self-conscious, insecure, hypochondriacs who use comedy as a source of therapy. They're folks seeking acceptance from strangers by venting their greatest fears and emotional scars, hoping to relate to somebody and not feel like a monster. Rich Brockman isn't one of those comedians. He's just funny. A Montana native, and legitimate cowboy who grew up ranching and rodeoing, isn't trying to make a deep emotional connection with you, he's just trying to make you laugh, and he does. On this episode, we talk to Rich about growing up a cowboy; what brought him to California; how he got into comedy; and what some of his tricks and tips are for booking shows while still being able to get his hunt on, all while having a day job and two kids. This is a fascinating conversation that any aspiring comic should listen to.

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Episode 52: Comedian Jason Resler

The life of a road comic is one of those tales rarely heard by the average citizen. Ask the average person on the street who who enjoys comedy, and surely they would be amazed at the number of professional comics making their bones doing gigs in places far away from the limelight of Hollywood or New York. Jason Resler is one such comic. Having spent the better part of two decades honing his craft up and down the pacific northwest and beyond, Jason has earned more than a few fans, and an immense amount of respect from his comedy peers in his hometown of Sacramento. We managed to sit down with Jason and talk about his life on the road, how he is fairing in LA after relocating there just last year, and what it's been like for him to navigate the untested waters of new media and social networking.

Episode 51: Artist Jared Konopitski

When it comes to describing the style of Sacramento based artist, Jared Konopitski, the only accurate thing to say is "uniquely his own." With his ever present upbeat attitude toward life, Jared makes happy art featuring monsters, animals, bugs, and anything else that comes to mind, across many different mediums. On this episode, Junior and Leo talk to him about what's it's been like for him as he travels down the artist's path including stories about where he gets his inspiration, how he approaches an art show, and something of the interesting projects he's worked on.

Episode 50: Sac Comedy Spot Owner & Comedian Brian Crall

Brian Crall, a comedian as well as the owner and operator of the Sacramento Comedy Spot, doesn't know how to do things halfway. His "balls to the wall" approach has taken him from simple sketch comedy and improv performer to small business owner, creating a space where many of Sacramento's most talented performers can ply their trade. The road hasn't been easy, but from the sound of it, it's been incredibly rewarding creatively and emotionally, and after dropping several breaking news bits about the Sac Comedy Spot's future, things are only getting better. During this podcast, we got to talk to Brian about his early days as a comedic performer in the sketch comedy group, "Free Hooch Comedy Troupe." We also learned that while holding down a full time job at the airport, as well as being married with two kids, he would commute to LA to take comedy classes at UCB once a week for a couple of months. All of that and more on this episode of The Junior & Leo Show Podcast.

Episode 49: Comedian John Ross

John Ross is not your traditional stand-up comedian. Sure, he looks like the happy Mormon father next door, but it's not the Lord's word he's offering if he comes to your door. It's laughs. Dark, sick, and twisted laughs. When John came on The Junior & Leo Show podcast, the guys expected funny, but didn't expect to hear a story of a comic who hasn't just leaned on jokes to make his way. To date he's founded and operated his own comedy centric newspaper; written, animated, and sold his own animated cartoon; started his own podcast, and even opened his own comedy venue in Chico, California--all while pursuing stand-up comedy, as well as being a father. It's that sort of outside-the-box thinking that many comedians should aspire to, especially in this social media driven society. In addition to John's many projects, the guys also talk to him about his writing process, what his early days in stand-up were like, and where he's looking to go in the future. Be sure to follow John on Twitter and Facebook.

Episode 48: Comedians Derik Bishop & Monica Archuleta

Derik Bishop and Monica Archuleta have only been doing stand-up comedy for just under a year, and already they've strongly asserted themselves as comics to watch in the Sacramento comedy scene. On this episode of The Junior & Leo Show podcast, the guys get to know more about these two very funny people, as well as a few things they didn't expect. For example, not only are they funny people, mutually chasing the dream of stand-up, but they're also a couple that doesn't really talk comedy when together. Monica is also a mother of two struggling with baby-daddy issues that would render a lesser woman helpless and weak, yet she manages to hit open mics with force on a weekly basis. We also get to learn about their process for joke writing, their best and worst moments on stage, and how they've managed to come up in two very different comedy circles here in town. Give it a listen and see what it's like to be an up-and-comer in the River City comedy scene.

Episode 47: Straight Jacket Strippers (Rock Band)

Ever wondered what it takes to form a band, maintain it, make time for gigs and practicing, and the song-writing process? We discuss all of that and more at length with Sacramento rockers, Straight Jacket Strippers, on this episode of The Junior & Leo Show podcast. We also discuss how songwriting credits are attributed,  the band history of the band's members, and hit them up to perform some of their tunes life on the show! Good times ahead on this episode, so be sure to check it out, and support the incredible Sacramento music scene!

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