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Episode 81: Artist Melissa Pagluica


Hey look, we've reached episode 81 of The Junior & Leo Show! On this very special episode of the show the guys welcome the lovely and talented illustrator and comic book artist, Melissa Pagluica! If you didn't know, she's the person behind the new webcomic, Above the Clouds, as well as countless illustrations of lovely things of whimsy. Listen as she talks to the guys about her new comic venture, her unique style of art, and her adventures breaking into the comic convention circuit! Junior and Melissa also geek out on some art program hardware and software speak, while Leo sits silently in the corner, waiting to use one of his many conversation killing sound effects. To see more of Melissa's artwork, check out: The Art of Melissa Pagluica & Above the Clouds

Episode 80: Comedian Jason Violation


On this episode of The Junior & Leo Show we welcome Stockton based comedian, Jason Violation to the show! We talk to Jason about what life was like before comedy; how it has changed since starting comedy; what pushed him to make the leap on stage; how he juggles being married with children and still hitting open mics; his DUI troubles; and if he feels hindered by his choice of stage name! To get more Jason Violation in your life, check him out on Facebook!

Episode 79: The Junior & Leo Show LIVE w/ Rich Brockman & Hans Eberbach

It's the second LIVE episode of The Junior & Leo Show, but the first in our brand new Friday at 8pm time slot! Featuring stand-up comedian, Rich Brockman, and our musical guest, Hans Eberbach! (Recorded live at the Sacramento Comedy Spot)

Episode 78: Comedian Michael Calvin Jr.

On this episode of The Junior & Leo Show comedian Michael Calvin Jr. drops by the studio to chit chat with the guys. In that chit chat we talk about his start in stand-up, being a father to two girls (one teenager and one toddler), his recent decision to give up drinking, his childhood trips to the liquor store with his uncle, and what it's like to be a comedian with a stutter! This conversation take a lot of left turns, and included a lot of laughing, so turn the volume DOWN a tad to avoid your ears being blown out. To get more of Michael online, visit his Facebook!

Episode 77: Comedian Mike E. Winfield


On this episode of The Junior & Leo Show, we welcome Mike E. Winfield to the studio. Listen as Mike shares his second thoughts of even coming on the show after being followed by people on his way over. He also breaks down how he came to be in Sacramento, his start in comedy at a Laugh's Unlimited Open Mic, and his gradual ascent in the comedy world including Tribble Runs, local and college gigs, a spot on "The Late Show w/ David Letterman," and his foray into acting. You can also listen as Junior and Leo share their amazement about how Mike has managed to do it all while being a nice guy and staying humble. Check out more Mike E. Winfield online at his website:

Episode 76: Comedian Ngaio Bealum


Ngaio Bealum has been doing stand-up comedy since the late 80's. He's been killing crowds for decades, and it was an honor to have him drop by the Big Z Broadcast Studio and share a little insight on the business. We talk about his beginnings in comedy, how he came to be one of (if not the) leading comedian in the cannabis scene, as well as talking about his marijuana advocacy, being a parent, and pointing out how awful Junior's haircut is. Good times abound on this episode! Be sure to follow Ngaio online on Facebook and Twitter!

Episode 75: The Friday Show


It's another Friday Show for your listening pleasure. Junior and Leo talk about themselves, the show, the next live show they're doing at the Sacramento Comedy Spot, as well as anything else that comes to mind. Enjoy.

Episode 74: Comedian Jamie Fernandez


On this episode of The Junior & Leo Show the guys welcome recent Arizona transplant, Jamie Fernandez! While only lighting up the comedy scene for a short while, she's already gained a lot of respect from her peers with her sardonic wit and self deprecating humor. We talk to her about her history with writing for a living, and how that helped her shape her comedic voice before ever stepping foot on stage. We also talk about her recent jump into hosting her own comedy shows around town.

NOTE: On the show we mention her hosting a comedy show at Shine in Sacramento. That show is no longer running. However, you can find Jamie hosting a brand new open mic at Luna's Cafe in Midtown on Tuesday nights!

Episode 73: Political Satirist/Writer John Marcotte


On this episode of The Junior & Leo Show, political satirist and pop culture writer, John Marcotte joins us! Together we discuss the recently reignited Prop 8 debate, and John talks to us about his efforts to have divorce banned and the media circus that followed, as well as pranks he's played around Sacramento and the Internet, how he uncovered In & Out's secret menu before it was a "thing," and he shares with us his latest effort to spread joy to the unfortunate hourly workers who have to work at fast food restaurants on Christmas called Cookie Project. Check out more of John and his work at his website:

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