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Episode 99: Chino LaForge and Sunny Dennis


Sun, Surf, Sand and Comedy? It’s not what you would usually think about when you visit Maui, but there is scene building there. I just recently returned from this Jewel in the Pacific and when I was there I got a chance to meet a couple of real funny and talented Comedians Chino LaForge and Sunny Dennis. These guys are responsible for the majority of booked shows on the island. I met the boys before a weekly open-mic at Stella Blues Café in Kihei. We talked about the local scene, other islands and the mainland as well as many more topics. It’s great to meet people who are making things happen. So if you are going to Maui hit these guys up. If you want to link up on Facebook Chino LaForge , Sunny Dennis , Power Up Comedy

Pictured Sunny Dennis, Leo Zuniga , Chino LaForge

Episode 98: Comedian Daniel Humbarger


Get ready to geek out with us as we talk to our guest this episode, stand-up comic, Daniel Humbarger! Not only do we discuss his comedy journey to date, but we also talk about weighing chasing that dream versus pursuing a career as a lawyer. We also get our geek on with talks about television shows like "Doctor Who" and "Game of Thrones." Lots and lots of fun was had on this episode. If you like it, maybe tell a friend? For more Daniel Humbarger, get him on Facebook here, and his Twitter here.

Episode 97: Actor West Ramsey


On this episode we have Actor West Ramsey. We talk about the Sacramento Movie scene and what it takes to be employed in the local movie business. It turns out it takes giving a lot of shit away for free. He recently plays a Zombie in a Junior and Leo production. West seems to play a Zombie quite a bit. He will be making a geographical change in the near future up northwest. Keep an eye out for West on the big screen. If you want to learn more about West Ramsey check out his website. West Ramsey IMDB

Episode 96: Cheryl Leff


If Cheryl Leff tried to put all her hats on, she would need a dozen heads. She has degrees, makes movies and has had books published as well as many more accomplishments. Cheryl sits down with Junior and Leo to discuss many topics, one that is at the forefront is the Sacramento International Film Festival which the Boys participated in and Cheryl is in charge of. We also find out about Access Sacramento and how it can help the start you on the road to Film, TV and Radio. Take a listen.

Episode 95: Comedian Johnny Taylor


Johnny Taylor is one of the fastest rising stand-up comics in Sacramento. In a short time he's gone from open mic grinding to featuring for national headlining acts. Johnny returned to The Junior & Leo Show to talk about how crazy his life has become since embarking on a comedy career, including the highs (opening for Brian Posehn, preparing for his first album recording later this year) and the lows (the end of his marriage). It's a candid conversation about comedy and life. Enjoy! For more Johnny Taylor, check out his facebook page here, or his website here.

Episode 94: Singer-Songwriter Brittany Vanessa and Bassist DeVon (The Other Brittany)


In a world when the name "Britney" (in any incarnation) is synonymous with soulless pop music, one Brittany is aiming to take it back, and add a little soulful rock stank to it! That Brittany is Brittany Vanessa, and she's the lead singer, guitarist, and songwriter for the rock group, The Other Brittany. Brittany sat down with us, along with her bassist (and father), DeVon, to talk about what it's been like for her growing up in a musical family, venturing into songwriting and performing, and dealing with insecurities along the way. We find out what some of her musical influences are, what her goals are for the future, and what it's like to perform in a band with her father. They also perform two songs, and Junior attempts to start a war between her and certain pop singers who deserve it! For more Brittany Vanessa and The Other Brittany, check out their website here, and their Facebook page here.

Episode 93: Comedian Diego Curiel


A past guest Diego Curiel stops by the studio to talk about his progress since we last met. He has moved from an opener to a feature to now headlining some local shows. He has also dipped his toe into booking gigs. Go, Diego, Go is his most recent endeavor. It’s nice to see the upward swing of this young man and how with hard work, hitting the mics a lot and neglecting his family, you can succeed in Stand-up Comedy. Go! Diego! Go!

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