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Episode 107: The Friday Show.

It's been a while since our last Friday Show. The Boys talk shit about a bunch of things. That is all. You can also tell who wrote the description.

Episode 106: Singer-Songwriter Alexander Nelson (Walking Spanish)

Alexander Nelson has been working as a professional musician for a couple of years now doing double duty as a hired gun (guitar) and writing and singing in his own band, Walking Spanish. We talk with Alexander about what it takes to live his dream, where the desire came from, his musically inclined parents, and a whole lot more! Junior also embarrasses himself by constantly referring to Alexander as Andrew. Good times ahead on this episode of The Junior & Leo Show!

For more Alexander Nelson be sure to get him on Facebook here.
For more about Walking Spanish go here.

Episode 105: Comedian Stephen Furey

On this episode of the show we sit down with comedian, Stephen Frurey. We talk to him about starting in comedy, his process, what he believes it takes to succeed, writing under the influence, and hie style of comedy. We talk about bringing family to comedy shows to early, and pitfalls that can arise if you bomb in front of them. All this and More!!!

Episode 104: Junior & Leo LIVE feat. Michael O’Connell, Nick and Micaela Pettigrew, Swahili Passion

On this LIVE episode of The Junior & Leo Show we've got the masterminds behind the great geek comedy show, Critical Hit (Nick & Micaela Pettigrew)! We've also got comedy from Michael O'Connell (Comedians with Disabilities, The Mikes), and the sweet tunage of dynamic duo, Swahili Passion! We got it all, recorded LIVE at the Sacramento Comedy Spot.

For more Critical Hit go here.
For more Michael O'Connell go here.
For more Swahili Passion go here.

Episode 103: Comedian Andrew Ouellette and the Sketch Suicide Crew

When we booked comedian Andrew Ouellette to be on our show, we were only expecting to talk to him about his journey as a stand-up comic, and eventual move to the River City. What we got was that, plus a big announcement about his brand new sketch comedy show called! It's called Sketch Suicide, and if you want to know any more about it, you'll have to take a listen. To talk about the new project, Andrew brought his co-horts on the project, returning guests Derik Bishop and Claire Fischer, and future solo guest, Bryant Tarpley! They also brought beer, which Junior really appreciated, and forced Leo to reconnect with his twelve steps. 

For more information about Andrew Ouellette's comedy, check out his official website

For more information about Sketch Suicide, check out its official website.

Episode 102: Trash Film Orgy’s Christy Savage

The Trash Film Orgy (TFO) is a summer time staple here in Sacramento, CA. It's a six week film festival made up of midnight screenings of some of the finest (and not so finest) horror and exploitation films you'll ever seen. Each screening not only features the film, but also fun pre-show hijinks including costumed characters and movie themed sketches. Each year is also kicked off by the Sacramento Zombie Walk, an event where hundreds of people dress up as zombies and go on a parade of terror around downtown Sacramento. 

We were honored to have TFO co-founder and organizer, Christy Savage, sit down with us to talk about how the festival came to be, her beginnings working in public access, TFO's eventual merge into creating their own films, and a lot more! We also spoke with another member of the TFO family, Lauren Weber about performing in TFO films.

For more about the Trash Film Orgy and a schedule of events, check out their official website.

Episode 101: Comedian Michael Patten

On this episode we talk to stand-up comedian, Michael Patten, about his year in comedy, why and when he decided to pursue stand-up, his time living on Hawaii, and how the scene and comedy in general has treated him since deciding to "come out" on stage. Check it out, and if you like it, share with a friend, maybe? 

Episode 100: LIVE at the Comedy Spot feat. Jovi Radtke and Johnny Taylor


It's our big 100th episode AND our 1 year anniversary! As fortune would have it, we were able to celebrate these landmarks at the same time at the place that first brought us together, the Sacramento Comedy Spot, in front of a mighty a crowd! Celebrating with us were spoken word poet and radio show host, Jovi Radtke, and stand-up comedian and friend of the show, Johnny Taylor! We also played a little Poetry Idol with Leo, Junior, and our one-man houseband, Hunter Hill, writing and performing a poem, with the crowd deciding the winner! Laughs were uttered, hearts were broken, and a good time was had by all!

We'd like to say THANK YOU to the Comedy Spot for allowing us the space and opportunity to host our live show on their stage. THANK YOU to all the beautiful people who attended. THANK YOU to all of our wonderful guests who've joined us on the show. And lastly, THANK YOU to everyone one of you who choose to listen to our show each week!

For more Jovi Radtke, check out her website here. For more Johnny Taylor, check out his website here.

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