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JALS #149: Filmmakers Andrew Hooper & Tim Pronovost

Friends of the show Andrew Hooper (former guest, co-host of The Mouths of Madness, director) and Tim Provonost (former guest, Babs Johnson Gang, writer/director) stop by Big Z Studios: West to discuss their upcoming project, Cinema Incubo, a dark exploration into the underbelly of filmmaking. On the show we discuss the origin of the story, what inspired them to start it, and where they hope to take it. We also talk about the current state of cinema, what it means to be a critic/fan, and a host of other film geek stuff. Check it out!

JALS #148: Drop Dead Red’s Carly DuHain & Gabriel Aiello

Soulful and melodic are just a few of the descriptions for the Voice of Carly DuHain. We hear what started her on her musical journey, was it love of music? Her parents guidance? No, it was a Guy. Take a listen to her story and a couple of songs.

JALS #147: The First Time in the New Studio

Yeah Yeah I know it's a little late but it's my show so shut it! Actually we had our first guest drop at the last minute. We talk about the new year and getting through the Holidays in one piece and Leo's Big move. Moving a pain in the Ass am I right? Listen and enjoy.

JALS #146: Comedian Shane Murphy

Biscuits? Murphdog? I wish he would make up his mind. We have Veteran Comedian Shane Murphy sitting in Big Z studios. We talk about comedy, mullets and whats it's like to be a father at 40. An interesting and heartfelt story. And absolutely NO wrestling talk.

JALS #145: Comedian Hunter Hill

Look who's back in studio, it's our 1 Man House Band Hunter Hill. Hunter sits in to shoot the shit. He is also asked a very innocent question that the answer to will SHOCK YOU!!! Take a listen to find out what has Hunter speechless! Take a listen and enjoy.

JALS #144: Comic Artist Jason Dube

It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's Jason Dube. Jason, an illustrator and comic book maker, drops by Big Z Studios to tell us about making comic books and the Sacramento Comic Con scene. Jason is in charge of "Artist Alley" and SacCon. He also has a weekly get together for seasoned and first time artists. A very interesting and driven man who started his own comic book company. Listen and enjoy.


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