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JALS #165: Comedian/Podcaster Luke Soin

epictiki.jpgComedian and fellow Podcaster Luke Soin drops by Big Z Studios. He talks about his Video podcast and what it takes to get "The Shot". He tries to talk the Boys onto his show but the fact that it's recorded in a Hot Tub, leaves the them not wanting to commit. We're Shy. Hear how the Comedy scene treats a young Comic. Check out his Podcast. Enjoy.
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JALS #164 Singer/Songwriter Jeremy Briggs

Have you heard about a show on TV called The Voice? Have you ever wondered what Shakira is really like? Well wonder No longer. We have have Singer/Songwriter Jeremy Briggs in studio, straight from his time on The Voice. We talk about his history in music and baseball. We hear about his journey with Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll...but he didn't do the Sex and Drugs part and just stuck with the music. Personally I thought the Sex and Drugs part was why ALL musicians got into it. That's why we are here and he is on the National stage. Enjoy.

JALS #163: TV’s Mark S. Allen

On this episode we talk to TV and radio personality Mark S. Allen! We talk about his journey from small town Texas to Sacramento, and everywhere else in between. We laugh. We cry. We crack wise, and get real. Listen and enjoy! 

JALS #162: Musician Justin Farren

In the Big Z Studio we have Singer/Songwriter Justen Farren. He drops a couple of beautiful songs for the Boys. We talk about the Sac Music Scene and Relationships. Who in the studio built there own house? Well it wasn't me or Junior that's for sure. What I really want to know is who's watching the Animals when he goes on Vacation. Listen and enjoy.

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