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JALS #212 Mike Millerick and Stocton Con

It's that time of year again and Stockton Con is in the air. Mike Millerick is back to talk about the upcoming Convention. This is the 4th year of Mike's creation and it's Bigger and Better then ever. Listen and enjoy.


JALS #211 The Boys Talk It Up

We have a Guest who is No Show so the Boys make due. We find out what projects are in the Pipeline. Leo has a Documentary he is working on and Junior is Announcing for a Local Wrestling League. Listen and Enjoy.

JALS #210 Jay Siren

On this episode we have the Vivacious, the Salacious, the Sizzling Jay Siren from the Burlesque group The Sizzling Sirens. She Assels into Big Z Studios and tells us about there Big 7th Anniversary show coming up this month. We find out why she started the group and how she was finally talked or threatened into going on stage. Listen and Enjoy.

JALS #209 Twelve27 Films

We have a FULL House in Big Z Studios. We have 4 Guests and 1 Intern. That's 7 People in a small room, the Boys are Happy no one had Gas. We find out how this fledgling film company got it's start and it's name. We talk to the driving force behind the company and hear his philosophy about Ladders and Balloons. We liked this look on the Industry very much! Listen and Enjoy. 


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