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JALS #210 Jay Siren

On this episode we have the Vivacious, the Salacious, the Sizzling Jay Siren from the Burlesque group The Sizzling Sirens. She Assels into Big Z Studios and tells us about there Big 7th Anniversary show coming up this month. We find out why she started the group and how she was finally talked or threatened into going on stage. Listen and Enjoy.

JALS #180 Comedian Matt Gubser

On this episode of The Junior and Leo Show we have a Man that looks a lot like Jesus only with better abs. We talk about the Bay Area Comedy Scene. We also hear about his very well thought out reason to start Comedy. Listen and Enjoy

Matt Gubser Website

JALS #144: Comic Artist Jason Dube

It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's Jason Dube. Jason, an illustrator and comic book maker, drops by Big Z Studios to tell us about making comic books and the Sacramento Comic Con scene. Jason is in charge of "Artist Alley" and SacCon. He also has a weekly get together for seasoned and first time artists. A very interesting and driven man who started his own comic book company. Listen and enjoy.


Scattered Comics

JALS #139: Corey Bernhardt

Corey Bernhardt is a painter, graphic designer, tattooer, and small business owner. He owns and operates Reclamare Tattoo Studio and Art Gallery. He stops by the studio to discuss his first year in business, what pushed him into pursuing art as a career, and what ultimately landed him in tattooing. Check it out!

Episode 117: Sketch Comedy and Improv Performer Jesse Jones

It's a nuts and bolts discussion about sketch comedy with The Syndicate director/writer/performer, Jesse Jones! We get into what makes sketch comedy work from the genesis of an idea to its final form onstage. We also talk about working in an ever evolving group of performers of varying experience, and any hardships that might create. We also get into Jesse's journey, first into comedy performing, and then into his move to LA. He shares what it was like living down there, taking every writing class he could find, and the most important thing he learned from his last teacher in his last class, that ultimately helped lead him back to Sacramento. We also talk a bit about his foray into writing comics. Lots of great information on this episode for anyone that's ever wondered about doing sketch comedy. Check it out, then go check out The Syndicate!

For more on The Syndicate, check out there Facebook page here.
For more on Jesse Jones, check out his Facebook page here.

Episode 109: The Friday Show

Our Friday Show on Saturday! OK give us a break we are Married with Children. On this episode we talk about what else...US. Why is so hard to get your wife to pick a place to eat? And a trip down memory lane on a lot of things Leo probably doesn't remember about his party days. Enjoy.

Episode 102: Trash Film Orgy’s Christy Savage

The Trash Film Orgy (TFO) is a summer time staple here in Sacramento, CA. It's a six week film festival made up of midnight screenings of some of the finest (and not so finest) horror and exploitation films you'll ever seen. Each screening not only features the film, but also fun pre-show hijinks including costumed characters and movie themed sketches. Each year is also kicked off by the Sacramento Zombie Walk, an event where hundreds of people dress up as zombies and go on a parade of terror around downtown Sacramento. 

We were honored to have TFO co-founder and organizer, Christy Savage, sit down with us to talk about how the festival came to be, her beginnings working in public access, TFO's eventual merge into creating their own films, and a lot more! We also spoke with another member of the TFO family, Lauren Weber about performing in TFO films.

For more about the Trash Film Orgy and a schedule of events, check out their official website.

Episode 91: Aritst/Illustrator Jonathan Buck (Nannerfish)


On this episode we welcome artist/illustrator, Jonathan Buck! Born in Texas, raised in the Midwest, Jon transplanted to the West Coast in his early twenties, and began pursuing a career in art. If you've been to downtown Sacramento, you've likely seen his work on concert posters at various venues. We talk unique art styles, family, pseudonyms, and tons more. Check it out! To check out Jonathan's work, visit his Facebook page here.

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