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Best of Show Myles Weber

We go way back to the old Big Z Studio and Re-Release this episode with Myles Weber. The reason is that Myles has just Won a Major Comedy Competition in San Francisco. Listen and Enjoy.

JALS #214 Improver Chris Crotty

We talk to somebody who does one of the Scariest things we can think of, IMPROV!!! The boys have Chris Crotty from Comedy Sportz in studio to talk about all things Improv. The Boys might even take a Class. Listen and Enjoy!


JALS #208 Comedian Kul Black

On this episode of the Show Comedian Kul Black stops by to talk about his Life in Comedy. He moved around a lot so he used his sense of Humor to make friends. We talk family and since it's such a topic now we hear how Racism affected his Life. Listen and Enjoy.


JALS #206 Big Idea Theater

Members of Big Idea Theater Drop by Big Z Studios. It's a packed house with 4 guests. We learn about Local Theater and some Big upcoming events. Listen and Enjoy!



JALS 200: The 200th Episode Episode

It's the 200th episode of The Junior & Leo Show and to celebrate the milestone, Junior and Leo decide to go guestless this time out and spend their time chatting about the last 200 episodes. Listen as they discuss their favorite moments from the show as well as some of the cool things doing the show has allowed them to do.

To those of you who continue to listen, or are just joining us, thank you for spending time with us! Here's two another 200!

JALS #199 Comedian D Tyler

Comedian D Tyler drops by Big Z Studios. We find out the his history and how he gets his comedy styling. Listen and Enjoy.

JALS #198 Comedian Michael O’Connell

On this episode we have Comedian Michael O'Connell. Some of you might be asking, "Isn't he Dead?". Well he's not and that's a Terrible thing to say! We will find out how he "Almost" died. Take a listen and enjoy.

JALS #193 Comedian Claire Marie

Past Guest Claire Marie stops by the Studio to talk about the road of the Entertainer. Claire has been in short films, done improv and is an accomplished Stand Up Comedian. The road hasn't been easy. And Her latest project the Crowd Warmup for the Sketch Comedy Troupe "That Plus Chips". We also do a phoner with the Director of the troupe Jessilee Windhaus.

Claire Marie Facebook

That Plus Chips Facebook

JALS #192 Comedian Vicki Wagner

Tonight on the Show we do a Skype interview with LA based Comedian Vicki Wagner. She started and still does production work but was told by friends, like a lot of us, "you should be a Comedian". She took that challenge and since then has won “2013 Battle of the Comics”and been on Network TV as well as an LA based Talk Show. Take a listen and enjoy.


Thanksgiving Best of Show with Mike E Winfield

Our Most downloaded Show! Mike E Winfield is one of the Nicest people we have Ever interviewed. Listen and Enjoy!


JALS #190 Muerto Tequila

On this weeks episode we don't just have people we have Tequila. We have the Creator of Muerto Tequila and Owner of the Inferno Sports Bar Ralph Bailey. We also have past guest Comedian Chadd Beals. We talk Tequila, Bars and Comedy Shows. Leo promises that if he ever decides to jump off the Wagon it will be with Muerto Tequila!



JALS #188 Comedian Brandon Lee

Comedian Brandon Lee drops by Big Z Studios. We find out about the Grind of the Open Mic for the New Comedian. Oh and how being a comedian does not get you girls. Listen and Enjoy.


JALS #187 Comedians Myles Weber, Tom Carvey and Jeremiah Beshears

On this episode the Studio is FULL of Funny. We have 3 Comedians in the House journeyman Comedian Myles Weber and 2 up and comers Tom Carvey and Jeremiah Beshears. Myles and Tom just came off of a month long road trip. One stories we hear is how Tom almost got Eaten by a Cougar and many more stories from the Road. And don't mind how Jeremiah sounds like, I think he's the Son of God. Enjoy.

JALS #186 Comedian Raj Dutta

Raj Dutta has given A LOT of Sacramento Comedians their first Taste of the Big Stage. He hosts a Quarterly Showcase of some of Sacramento's Best Up and Coming Comedians, and some Old Farts like Leo. Listen to his story.

Raj Dutta Facebook

JALS # 185 Kid Comedian Tyler V

On this episode of the show we have our first Skype interview with Kid Comedian Tyler V. We find out what the Middle School scene is like, hecklers and his tryouts for Americas Got Talent. Take a listen and enjoy.


JALS #183 Comedian Johnny Taylor

johnnytaylortangledupinplaid.jpg4 times the charm! Comedian Johnny Taylor comes by Big Z Studios to talk about his signing with a Major Comedy Label, Comedy Album release and running a weekly room with several other well known Sacramento Comedians. Listen and enjoy.

Johnny Taylor

JALS #182 Leaf the Comedian and Comedian Dav Gaskins

Leaf the Comedian, fresh from headlining at the Big House, drops by Big Z Studios. We find out a lot of things that make me NEVER want to go to Prison. We also have Comedian Dave Gaskins, is he still Married? You'll have to listen to find out.

Leaf the Comedian

Dav Gaskins

JALS #180 Comedian Matt Gubser

On this episode of The Junior and Leo Show we have a Man that looks a lot like Jesus only with better abs. We talk about the Bay Area Comedy Scene. We also hear about his very well thought out reason to start Comedy. Listen and Enjoy

Matt Gubser Website

JALS #179 Comedians Andrew Ouellette and Phillip Stermer

This week on The Junior and Leo Show we have a twofer! We have old friend of the show Andrew Oullette, fresh from his run in Australia. And new friend of the show  Phillip Stermer. We hear from Andrew about the rough road he is trying to navigate over the last few months. From Phillip we find out how he balances Comedy and a family. Listen and enjoy.

Andrew Oullette

Phillip Stermer

JALS #178 Comedian Stephen Ferris

Comedian Stephen Ferris stops by Big Z Broadcast Studio. Stephen is fresh off his Headlining of the Sacramento Punchline. We talk about his unique style of Comedy. We talk about shiny things and staying motivated to reach your goals. Listen and enjoy.

Stephen Ferris

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