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JALS # 177 Comedy Club Owner Brian Crall

This week on The Junior and Leo Show we have Owner of The Comedy Spot and Improver extraordinaire Brian Crall.  He tell us about the BIG plans that will be coming soon and a laundry list of projects he has going, the new Lab for comedy classes, and the upcoming ComedyFest! When does this man sleep? Listen and enjoy!

Sac Comedy Festival
Americas Comedy

JALS #174 Comedian Regina Givens

Comedian Regina Givens drops by Big Z Studios. She tells us her story from Hair Stylist/Relationship Councilor to the Comedy stage. We find out about being a woman in a male dominated game and how she keeps Grindin. Listen and enjoy.  

JALS #273 Comedian Rico Da Great

He has 9 lives is harder to kill then the Terminator and is Funny to Boot, I'm talking about none other then Comedian Rico Da Great! Rico stops by Big Z Studios to talk about growing up on the mean streets of Berkley and his first time on stage as well as some near death experiences. Take a listen and enjoy. He'll Be Back!

JALS #169 Comedian Michael O’connell

Our Buddy Michael O'connell drops by Big Z Studios. He tells us about his recent medical issues that nearly took his life. I'm glad that didn't happen because he wouldn't have been able to tell us about all the things he is doing. Being the driving factor for 2 Comedy groups, Comics with Disabilities Act and The Mikes. Take a listen to a Man who was on his death bed a few short months ago.


JALS #165: Comedian/Podcaster Luke Soin

epictiki.jpgComedian and fellow Podcaster Luke Soin drops by Big Z Studios. He talks about his Video podcast and what it takes to get "The Shot". He tries to talk the Boys onto his show but the fact that it's recorded in a Hot Tub, leaves the them not wanting to commit. We're Shy. Hear how the Comedy scene treats a young Comic. Check out his Podcast. Enjoy.
Epic Tiki's Tiki Talk Talk Show

JALS #161: Comedian Jason “Violation” Sohm

Jason returns to the studio to give us an update on his comedy journey. It's going very well it seems. We talk about the progression of the jokes from straight raunchy to more of his everyday life based jokes. We also talk about the passing of Gwar band member Dave Brockie, a band that was very influential to a young Jason. Listen and enjoy.

JALS #160: Comedian Tristan Johnson

What weighs 400lbs has corn rows, gold teeth and is as Funny as Hell? Well it's not Tristan Johnson... Now. Listen to his Incredible journey from the mean streets of Oakland to Comedy Stages around California. Very inspirational!

JALS #156: Comedians Chadd Marty Beals and Phat Joe

On this Episode we have Comedian/Promoter Chadd Marty Beals and Comedian Phat Joe. We find out how Phat Joe went from his first open-mic to his third time on stage opening for Del Van Dyke. WTF! It's true so if your not opening by your third set your doing something wrong. We also find out about Chadd's rise from the ashes of a ruined life to being a Husband and a Father and Comedian/Promoter. Funny stuff.

JALS #154: Comedians Jaime Fernandez and Michael Cella

It's always nice to talk to the next Generation of Comedians. Jaime and Michael are just that, hard working baby Comics.  Expect to see these 2 around for a long time. See them now every Tuesday at Luna's Cafe' as they host the Open-Mic.

JALS #152: Comedians & Musician Arjun Singh

On this episode we have Creator of the The Public Access Show. As the name suggests he dose a show at the Roseville Public Access Station, but this is not some stuffy boring show but a Fun filled Sketchfest! Also Arjun is the drummer for the Band Wallpaper. Enjoy.

The Public Access Show


JALS #150: Comedian Queenie TT

150 Episodes down and many, many more to come! So on this Episode we have the Very Funny Queenie TT, this is one of the most emotion packed interviews that we have done. We have never had anyone cry on the show. Take a listen to this incredible journey of loss and strength. Enjoy.

JALS #146: Comedian Shane Murphy

Biscuits? Murphdog? I wish he would make up his mind. We have Veteran Comedian Shane Murphy sitting in Big Z studios. We talk about comedy, mullets and whats it's like to be a father at 40. An interesting and heartfelt story. And absolutely NO wrestling talk.

JALS #142: Saul Trujillo

Stockton, California based stand-up comedian and podcaster, Saul Trujillo, stops by to talk comedy, podcasting, family, food, gambling, and fears. Be sure to check him out on Twitter and his podcast, Joke Me Off!

JALS #141: Kristen Frisk

Kristen Frisk is a stand-up comedian, wife, and mother in Sacramento, California. She tells us about her start in stand-up, he life growing up, what it was like to join and work with other prominent female comedians in The Real (Funny) Housewives of Rio Linda, and how she balances her stand-up career with being a mom.

JALS #139: Corey Bernhardt

Corey Bernhardt is a painter, graphic designer, tattooer, and small business owner. He owns and operates Reclamare Tattoo Studio and Art Gallery. He stops by the studio to discuss his first year in business, what pushed him into pursuing art as a career, and what ultimately landed him in tattooing. Check it out!

JALS #138: Mike Betancourt

Wild Man Mike Betancourt drops in to DESTROY the studio! No, not really. You will find out that Mike is a changed man. He tells his story of the Highs and Lows of the last year. He explains his melt down at the Comedy Spot and how he has work very hard to get back on top. A fascinating story. Listen and Enjoy.

JALS #137: Emma Haney

Emma Haney is a comedian and podcaster in Sacramento, California. She returns to the podcast to discuss her foray into podcasting with her show, Belligerently Uninformed. She also talks about doing stand-up, writing material, and being addicted to World of Warcraft. Check it out!

JALS #133: Jessica Wellington and Molly Doan

Comedian Jessica Wellington and Improviser Molly Doan stop by the Big Z Broadcast Studio to discuss stand-up comedy, short form vs long form improv, tough childhoods, what it means to be a redneck, the importance of challenge cards, and more!

JALS #132: Stephen Turner

On this episode we talk to San Jose based comedian and musician, Stephen Turner! Stephen talks about doing comedy, being a family man, and playing in a Grateful Dead cover band.

JALS #126: Rich Brockman & Tyler Phillips

We talk with stand-up comedian and returning guest, Rich Brockman (Facebook / Twitter) and musician/producer, Tyler Phillips about Rich's upcoming comedy record, "The Parody Album."

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