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JALS #212 Mike Millerick and Stocton Con

It's that time of year again and Stockton Con is in the air. Mike Millerick is back to talk about the upcoming Convention. This is the 4th year of Mike's creation and it's Bigger and Better then ever. Listen and enjoy.


JALS #144: Comic Artist Jason Dube

It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's Jason Dube. Jason, an illustrator and comic book maker, drops by Big Z Studios to tell us about making comic books and the Sacramento Comic Con scene. Jason is in charge of "Artist Alley" and SacCon. He also has a weekly get together for seasoned and first time artists. A very interesting and driven man who started his own comic book company. Listen and enjoy.


Scattered Comics

JALS #139: Corey Bernhardt

Corey Bernhardt is a painter, graphic designer, tattooer, and small business owner. He owns and operates Reclamare Tattoo Studio and Art Gallery. He stops by the studio to discuss his first year in business, what pushed him into pursuing art as a career, and what ultimately landed him in tattooing. Check it out!

Episode 118: Comedian Matt Raymond

Matt Raymond returns! When we last had Matt on, he hadn't even been doing stand-up for an entire year yet, but had just won a competition that granted him the opportunity to book at least three shows at the Sacramento Comedy Spot (the site of the competition). Roughly ten months later, he's produced five shows under the Comics With Attitude (CWA) name, and has even started promoting that show at a second venue as well! We talk to Matt about what it's been like becoming a show promoter, and how that's changed his comedy habits. We also delve into the reasoning behind Matt's recent disappearing act from the scene earlier this year. It's a harrowing tale about running from the law, being mentored by a fellow named Cheddar, and befriending a large white man with bad breath named Dragline! Give a listen, and then hit up a CWA show near you!

For more on Matt Raymond, check out his Facebook page here.

Episode 115: Comedians Michael O’Connell, Mike Betancourt, Michael Calvin Jr. and Mike Sinclair (The Mikes!)

On this episode we chat with the four comics that make up the themed comedy show, The Mikes! Of course, the only "theme" this show has going for it is that all of the comics are named Mike, and that they're all really really funny! It was great to talk to Betancourt, O'Connell, Calvin Jr., and Sinclair (via phone) and see what makes each one of them tick, how they came to be together, and where they hope to take this show in the future. We also learn how they've changed as comedians since they started putting this show on nearly a year ago. Take a listen, and then support these guys when they roll into your area.

For more on The Mikes, check out there Facebook page here.
For more on Michael O'Connell, check out his website here.
For more on Mike Betancourt, check out his Facebook page here.
For more on Michael Calvin Jr., check out his Facebook page here.
For more on Mike Sinclair, check out his Facebook page here.

Episode 114: Comedians Ray Molina and Alfonso Portela

We get deep on this episode of The Junior & Leo Show with comedians, Ray Molina and Alfonso Portela! We start with some light-hearted banter about comedy, and then at some point veer hard into some real talk about being insecure as a child, morphing into an angry adult, and then eventually having that epiphany that you have the power to change yourself, and thus taking on the responsibility to do the work. We eventually work our way back into talking comedy, but for anyone out there who has suffers from insecurities, and wants to change, this episode is HIGHLY recommended! One of the most real episodes of the show yet. 

For more about Ray Molina, check out his Facebook page here.
For more about Alfonso Portela, check out his Facebook page here.

Episode 109: The Friday Show

Our Friday Show on Saturday! OK give us a break we are Married with Children. On this episode we talk about what else...US. Why is so hard to get your wife to pick a place to eat? And a trip down memory lane on a lot of things Leo probably doesn't remember about his party days. Enjoy.

Episode 105: Comedian Stephen Furey

On this episode of the show we sit down with comedian, Stephen Frurey. We talk to him about starting in comedy, his process, what he believes it takes to succeed, writing under the influence, and hie style of comedy. We talk about bringing family to comedy shows to early, and pitfalls that can arise if you bomb in front of them. All this and More!!!

Episode 104: Junior & Leo LIVE feat. Michael O’Connell, Nick and Micaela Pettigrew, Swahili Passion

On this LIVE episode of The Junior & Leo Show we've got the masterminds behind the great geek comedy show, Critical Hit (Nick & Micaela Pettigrew)! We've also got comedy from Michael O'Connell (Comedians with Disabilities, The Mikes), and the sweet tunage of dynamic duo, Swahili Passion! We got it all, recorded LIVE at the Sacramento Comedy Spot.

For more Critical Hit go here.
For more Michael O'Connell go here.
For more Swahili Passion go here.

Episode 101: Comedian Michael Patten

On this episode we talk to stand-up comedian, Michael Patten, about his year in comedy, why and when he decided to pursue stand-up, his time living on Hawaii, and how the scene and comedy in general has treated him since deciding to "come out" on stage. Check it out, and if you like it, share with a friend, maybe? 

Episode 100: LIVE at the Comedy Spot feat. Jovi Radtke and Johnny Taylor


It's our big 100th episode AND our 1 year anniversary! As fortune would have it, we were able to celebrate these landmarks at the same time at the place that first brought us together, the Sacramento Comedy Spot, in front of a mighty a crowd! Celebrating with us were spoken word poet and radio show host, Jovi Radtke, and stand-up comedian and friend of the show, Johnny Taylor! We also played a little Poetry Idol with Leo, Junior, and our one-man houseband, Hunter Hill, writing and performing a poem, with the crowd deciding the winner! Laughs were uttered, hearts were broken, and a good time was had by all!

We'd like to say THANK YOU to the Comedy Spot for allowing us the space and opportunity to host our live show on their stage. THANK YOU to all the beautiful people who attended. THANK YOU to all of our wonderful guests who've joined us on the show. And lastly, THANK YOU to everyone one of you who choose to listen to our show each week!

For more Jovi Radtke, check out her website here. For more Johnny Taylor, check out his website here.

Episode 98: Comedian Daniel Humbarger


Get ready to geek out with us as we talk to our guest this episode, stand-up comic, Daniel Humbarger! Not only do we discuss his comedy journey to date, but we also talk about weighing chasing that dream versus pursuing a career as a lawyer. We also get our geek on with talks about television shows like "Doctor Who" and "Game of Thrones." Lots and lots of fun was had on this episode. If you like it, maybe tell a friend? For more Daniel Humbarger, get him on Facebook here, and his Twitter here.

Episode 95: Comedian Johnny Taylor


Johnny Taylor is one of the fastest rising stand-up comics in Sacramento. In a short time he's gone from open mic grinding to featuring for national headlining acts. Johnny returned to The Junior & Leo Show to talk about how crazy his life has become since embarking on a comedy career, including the highs (opening for Brian Posehn, preparing for his first album recording later this year) and the lows (the end of his marriage). It's a candid conversation about comedy and life. Enjoy! For more Johnny Taylor, check out his facebook page here, or his website here.

Episode 93: Comedian Diego Curiel


A past guest Diego Curiel stops by the studio to talk about his progress since we last met. He has moved from an opener to a feature to now headlining some local shows. He has also dipped his toe into booking gigs. Go, Diego, Go is his most recent endeavor. It’s nice to see the upward swing of this young man and how with hard work, hitting the mics a lot and neglecting his family, you can succeed in Stand-up Comedy. Go! Diego! Go!

Episode 87: The Junior & Leo Show LIVE w/ Brian Crall & Jared Konopitski


It's another rousing episode of The Junior & Leo Show LIVE! On this live episode (recorded live at the Sacramento Comedy Spot) we have Sacramento Comedy Spot Owner, and Improv Extraordinaire, Brian Crall! Leo tells an embarrassing story about a run to Jiffy Lube, Junior talks about how he's turned a corner as a parent, Hunter updates us on his neighbors and sings a song about his "wife," Brian improv's an entire scene with us (but without us), and Jared does some live art right throughout the show! It was an incredible time, and if you want to experience the show live, be sure to like us on Facebook for all the latest updates on when our next live show will be. For more Brian Crall and the Comedy Spot go here. For more Jared Konopitski go here.

Episode 84: The Friday Show


Hey look, it's another Friday Show! This time with more Friday than ever before! On this episode our friend Hunter Hill joins us as we talk about the tv shows we're watching, why dictators are a good thing, and Junior remembers a late friend.

Episode 82: Comedian Carlos Rodriguez


On this episode of show the guys welcome the well-traveled and extremely funny comedian, Carlos Rodriguez! Carlos has been ascending through the Sacramento comedy ranks for a few years now, branching out to do shows in the Bay Area, San Jose, the 209, and even the Ice House in LA among other places, but his journeys only begin there. Carlos is also a world traveler, venturing off to far away lands for weeks at a time. Listen as the guys not only talk comedy and Carlos' past, but also what it's like to break out of the local bubble, and see what the rest of the world has to offer. We also speak about podcasting, and Carlos' podcast and it's many incarnations. To check out more Carlos Rodriguez, look for him online on Facebook and Twitter, and check out his podcast, Calculated Spontaneity!

Episode 81: Artist Melissa Pagluica


Hey look, we've reached episode 81 of The Junior & Leo Show! On this very special episode of the show the guys welcome the lovely and talented illustrator and comic book artist, Melissa Pagluica! If you didn't know, she's the person behind the new webcomic, Above the Clouds, as well as countless illustrations of lovely things of whimsy. Listen as she talks to the guys about her new comic venture, her unique style of art, and her adventures breaking into the comic convention circuit! Junior and Melissa also geek out on some art program hardware and software speak, while Leo sits silently in the corner, waiting to use one of his many conversation killing sound effects. To see more of Melissa's artwork, check out: The Art of Melissa Pagluica & Above the Clouds

Episode 80: Comedian Jason Violation


On this episode of The Junior & Leo Show we welcome Stockton based comedian, Jason Violation to the show! We talk to Jason about what life was like before comedy; how it has changed since starting comedy; what pushed him to make the leap on stage; how he juggles being married with children and still hitting open mics; his DUI troubles; and if he feels hindered by his choice of stage name! To get more Jason Violation in your life, check him out on Facebook!

Episode 79: The Junior & Leo Show LIVE w/ Rich Brockman & Hans Eberbach

It's the second LIVE episode of The Junior & Leo Show, but the first in our brand new Friday at 8pm time slot! Featuring stand-up comedian, Rich Brockman, and our musical guest, Hans Eberbach! (Recorded live at the Sacramento Comedy Spot)

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