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Episode 78: Comedian Michael Calvin Jr.

On this episode of The Junior & Leo Show comedian Michael Calvin Jr. drops by the studio to chit chat with the guys. In that chit chat we talk about his start in stand-up, being a father to two girls (one teenager and one toddler), his recent decision to give up drinking, his childhood trips to the liquor store with his uncle, and what it's like to be a comedian with a stutter! This conversation take a lot of left turns, and included a lot of laughing, so turn the volume DOWN a tad to avoid your ears being blown out. To get more of Michael online, visit his Facebook!

Episode 77: Comedian Mike E. Winfield


On this episode of The Junior & Leo Show, we welcome Mike E. Winfield to the studio. Listen as Mike shares his second thoughts of even coming on the show after being followed by people on his way over. He also breaks down how he came to be in Sacramento, his start in comedy at a Laugh's Unlimited Open Mic, and his gradual ascent in the comedy world including Tribble Runs, local and college gigs, a spot on "The Late Show w/ David Letterman," and his foray into acting. You can also listen as Junior and Leo share their amazement about how Mike has managed to do it all while being a nice guy and staying humble. Check out more Mike E. Winfield online at his website:

Episode 75: The Friday Show


It's another Friday Show for your listening pleasure. Junior and Leo talk about themselves, the show, the next live show they're doing at the Sacramento Comedy Spot, as well as anything else that comes to mind. Enjoy.

Episode 74: Comedian Jamie Fernandez


On this episode of The Junior & Leo Show the guys welcome recent Arizona transplant, Jamie Fernandez! While only lighting up the comedy scene for a short while, she's already gained a lot of respect from her peers with her sardonic wit and self deprecating humor. We talk to her about her history with writing for a living, and how that helped her shape her comedic voice before ever stepping foot on stage. We also talk about her recent jump into hosting her own comedy shows around town.

NOTE: On the show we mention her hosting a comedy show at Shine in Sacramento. That show is no longer running. However, you can find Jamie hosting a brand new open mic at Luna's Cafe in Midtown on Tuesday nights!

Episode 73: Political Satirist/Writer John Marcotte


On this episode of The Junior & Leo Show, political satirist and pop culture writer, John Marcotte joins us! Together we discuss the recently reignited Prop 8 debate, and John talks to us about his efforts to have divorce banned and the media circus that followed, as well as pranks he's played around Sacramento and the Internet, how he uncovered In & Out's secret menu before it was a "thing," and he shares with us his latest effort to spread joy to the unfortunate hourly workers who have to work at fast food restaurants on Christmas called Cookie Project. Check out more of John and his work at his website:

Episode 72: The Friday Show


On this episode of The Friday Show we talk about our first live podcast recording at the Sacramento Comedy Spot. We also talk about gun control, the future episodes we recorded this week, and some other stuff or whatever. Good times ahead!

Episode 71: Singer-Songwriter James Cavern


On this episode of The Junior & Leo Show we talk to the incredibly talented singer-songerwriter, James Cavern! James has been heating up the Sacramento music scene with a vengeance for the last few years, and has recently made a serious push to begin performing elsewhere like SXSW (South by Southwest) and a multi-city, multi-state tour this summer. Listen as we talk to him about his time growing up in England, the balls it took for him to walk away from a good paying job to do music full time, and the importance of approaching music (or anything else) with a good understanding of the business side. James also performs his single, "In My Sleep" live in studio. For more on James, be sure to check out his website:

Episode 70: Comedian Giuliana Gabrielli


On this episode of The Junior & Leo Show the guys welcome the lovely and funny, Giuliana Gabrielli! We get to talk with her about starting comedy in New York, making the move out here, and what staying in New York might have meant for her comedic development. We also talk about her history with acting, her plans for comedy and acting going forward, and we also devolve into an interesting discussion about movies and movie references after Giuliana drops a bombshell that thoroughly impresses Junior! For more Giuliana, be sure to check her out online onĀ Facebook.

Episode 69: Comedian Dorian Foster


On this episode the guys welcome comedian Dorian Foster to the show! Listen as they talk about Dorian's start in musical comedy by writing parody songs and teaming with others out of college, and then his eventual move to doing straight stand-up. The guys also discuss just what exactly the term "comedian" means these days, and Dorian shares his thoughts on shock comedy like Borat and Bruno. Dorian closes out the show with an incredible rendition of his song, "The Blow Job Song." Be sure to check him out online on Facebook!

Episode 68: Comedian Gavin Myers


Gavin Myers returns to the podcast to talk with the guys about his comedy career so far. The conversation includes discussions about his life growing up with parents who liked to party a little too much, his distant relationship with his brother, and he shares a little bit about his the relationship he's lost since starting in comedy. We also talk about his first time performing at the legendary Comedy Store in Los Angeles, and his crazy adventures while on a cruise to Mexico!

Episode 67: *LIVE* at the Sacramento Comedy Spot


The Junior & Leo Show do their first *LIVE* podcast in front of an audience at the Sacramento Comedy Spot as apart of their first ever 48 Hr Comedy Marathon! On the show we have comedy and interviews with comedians Hannah Hosford and Saul Trujillo! Also featuring our one-man house band, Hunter Hill!

Episode 66: The Friday Show


The guys discuss the week that was as they prep for their first live podcast at the Sacramento Comedy Spot this Sunday, March 17th!

Episode 65: Writer/Comedian Robert Berry


Robert Berry is more than just another bald head and a goatee. He's a pioneer, being responsible for one of the earliest pop culture websites, retroCRUSH! He helped pave the way for all of the unadulterated nostalgia and snark on the interwebs these days, so if you don't like that stuff, he's a great man to blame. We happen to love that stuff, and were thrilled to have Robert drop by the Big Z Broadcast Studio to chat with us about his beginnings on the web, his days in sketch comedy, and his ultimate foray into stand-up comedy! Junior also expresses his nerd inferiority in Robert's presence. Leo doesn't say much. Be sure to check out Robert Berry's website:

Episode 64: Internet Sensation Taxi Dave


On this episode of The Junior & Leo Show, Sacramento's own Taxi Dave joins the guys to talk about his stint on Tosh.0, the highs and lows that lead him to creating the parody hiphop tunes that have gained him so much attention online, and his plans for the future! We also get surprisingly deep into TD's past and the business of being a cabby, and TD musically profiles the guys to demonstrate his ability to read people and create for them a superior taxi cab taking experience. To get more Taxi Dave in your life, check out his website:

Episode 60: The Friday Show


On this episode of The Friday Show the guys talk about recording future episodes with Sacramento's own Taxi Dave and Autumn Sky that week. Leo talks about attending a Narcissists Anonymous improv show at Comedy Sportz; Junior talks about seeing the Comedy Kill show at the Punchline; and they both address "drama" pertaining to them apparently talking crap about a buddy and former guest on a previous episode.

Episode 59: Comedian Des Henderson


Des Henderson is not only a comedian, but he's also the long-standing host of the Sacramento Comedy Spot's weekly Sunday night open mic. If you've been doing comedy for any period of time in the capitol city, you've no doubt met him and seen him work. On this episode of the Junior & Leo Show podcast, we get to talk to Des about what it's like to host/mc of an open mic for as long as he has--much longer than seems to be the norm in most cases--as well as getting into how he develops material, what his hopes and aspirations are for his comedy career, and if he worries about his comedy coming back to haunt him in his day job or with family. Junior also tells a story about how Des was the first comedian in Sacramento that he stalked online in attempting to gain the courage to get up on stage for the first time.

Episode 58: Singer-Songwriter Sandra Dolores


On this episode of The Junior & Leo Show, Sacramento area singer-songwriter Sandra Dolores drops by the studio to talk about her journey as a musical performer thus far. From her early days as a teen, just learning how to play guitar and sing at the same time, to today with her days spent grinding away at honing her craft hosting two open mics and gigging all over town, we discuss in depth what drives her to perform, how she creates, and where she hopes to go in the future. She also performs a couple songs, too!

To find out more about Sandra Dolores, check out her website:

Episode 57: Comedienne Janelle Murphey


What happens when life imitates art? Comedy of course! Real comedy. The sort of comedy you can both laugh at and be afraid of at the same time! Such is the life of comedienne, Janelle Murphey. Still only in her early twenties, Janelle has hit most of the stages in and around Sacramento, as well as become a booker, setting up shows in Midtown that feature some of the funniest women the Capitol City has to offer. Raised in a religious family in Lincoln, it was fun for us to talk to her about her first time venturing into Sacramento for the first time as a young adult, despite living just outside of it her entire life. We also talk to her about her process for joke writing thus far, and what her experiences have been like on and off stage working with the comedy community. Junior also steps in a giant pile of "DOH!" when the subject of a late relative is brought up, while Leo laughs maniacally at his faux pas.

Episode 56: Comedian/Magician David Peters


Magic and comedy are far from being strange bedfellows. They are a natural pair that when executed effectively, can result in Las Vegas shows, network specials, and millions of fans thoroughly entertained. David Peters comes from a long line of respected magicians, and when it came time for him to develop an "act," he knew that infusing comedy would not only aid in engaging with audiences, but it would also set him apart from the rest of the saturated Sacramento comedy scene. On this episode of The Junior & Leo Show we get a chance to talk to David about his history with magic, and what it's like to develop both a joke and a trick, how he has managed to take up acting later in life, and how he manages to balance everything with a day job and while raising his teenage son. David also blows our minds by performing a magic trick live on the show. Be sure to follow David Peters online at

Episode 55: Comedian Lance Woods


Lance Woods didn't choose to do comedy, he was chosen. Literally. Without any intention of becoming a performer, it was his mother and his church that decided that he would entertain them with funny impressions and jokes. Little did they know the path they were setting him upon; a path that would lead him away from the church to clubs, bars, and The Junior & Leo Show podcast! On the show we get a chance to talk to Lance about his beginnings, including his first time performing at the Sacramento Punchline, what it's been like for him to work the road, his joke writing process, and his desire for his material to represent a positive message, and be of a quality that his grandmother to lesson to and enjoy. His is a story of persistence, dedication, and a drive to make as many people laugh as is humanly possible. Be sure to support Lance online via Facebook and Twitter.

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