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JALS #209 Twelve27 Films

We have a FULL House in Big Z Studios. We have 4 Guests and 1 Intern. That's 7 People in a small room, the Boys are Happy no one had Gas. We find out how this fledgling film company got it's start and it's name. We talk to the driving force behind the company and hear his philosophy about Ladders and Balloons. We liked this look on the Industry very much! Listen and Enjoy. 


JALS #207 Rellik

The Crew from the locally shot Series "RELLIK" drops by the Studio. We have Writer/Producer Gwen Conklin and Executive Producer Tony Marsh. We talk about the Creation of this project,  We find out when Tim Russ decided to become a part of this Series and what it was like using all local people. It was a fun time.


JALS #166: Mike Betancourt and Claire Fischer

Maniacal Mike Betancourt and Classy Claire Fischer drop by Big Z Studios to talk about a very Creepy and Twisted short movie submission called "The Reckoning". They have entered this short into the Rode Mic film contest and are looking to bring notoriety to the Sacramento film Community. Listen to a couple of Comedians who are crossing over into Film.

And we can't stress enough how important it is for you to go and vote for their short film in the Rode Mic contest they're currently apart of. Watching and then voting for it will help them bring more exposure to our fair city and the talented people involved with it. So click the link below and go make it happen!


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JALS #152: Comedians & Musician Arjun Singh

On this episode we have Creator of the The Public Access Show. As the name suggests he dose a show at the Roseville Public Access Station, but this is not some stuffy boring show but a Fun filled Sketchfest! Also Arjun is the drummer for the Band Wallpaper. Enjoy.

The Public Access Show


JALS #149: Filmmakers Andrew Hooper & Tim Pronovost

Friends of the show Andrew Hooper (former guest, co-host of The Mouths of Madness, director) and Tim Provonost (former guest, Babs Johnson Gang, writer/director) stop by Big Z Studios: West to discuss their upcoming project, Cinema Incubo, a dark exploration into the underbelly of filmmaking. On the show we discuss the origin of the story, what inspired them to start it, and where they hope to take it. We also talk about the current state of cinema, what it means to be a critic/fan, and a host of other film geek stuff. Check it out!

JALS #143: Christina Marie & Tressa Ohler

What scares you the most? Spiders, Heights, Clowns? Or is it "The Dark"! On this episode we have the driving force behind a locally made movie, called "The Dark", Christina Marie. This movie broke a record by being shot in a little over 50 hours, and I'm not talking a 20 minute short, this movie will be full length. Also sitting in is Actress Tressa Ohler. Between the 2 of them we get a great inside look on the Sacramento Movie Making community and how in no time at all we will be "Indiewood"

Christina Marie

Tressa Ohler

JALS #138: Mike Betancourt

Wild Man Mike Betancourt drops in to DESTROY the studio! No, not really. You will find out that Mike is a changed man. He tells his story of the Highs and Lows of the last year. He explains his melt down at the Comedy Spot and how he has work very hard to get back on top. A fascinating story. Listen and Enjoy.

JALS #129: The Mouths of Madness

It's the last of our Halloween themed shows, this time with returning guests the hosts of The Mouths of Madness podcast, Andrew Hooper and Rocky Magsam!

JALS #128: Christy Savage & Robert Berry

Our Halloween themed shows continue with returning guests (and horror aficionados) Christy Savage of the Trash Film Orgy (Facebook / Website), and Robert Berry from (Facebook)! 

JALS #127: Filmmaker JD Ayers

Filmmaker JD Ayers (Facebook / Youtube) drops by the studio to talk about his interesting 20+ year journey in the movie making business!

JALS #125: Filmmaker Jason Rudy

Jason Rudy (Desperate Visions) returns to the show to talk about horror films as well as his own, all to help us get in the swing of the Halloween season!

JALS #123: Shannon McCabe & Leslie Quong from The Vampire Ball

On this episode of the Show we have 2 Hotties from the Vampire Ball, Shannon McCabe and her right hand Gal Pal Leslie Quong. We find out if the Vampire Ball is just an excuse for ladies to show of the Goods. They say it's not but I'm skeptical. There is so much going on with this event that it looks like the Boys will have to be there. Oh I almost forgot, we talk about PORN.  We also have a little Twist because Junior Bruce was unable to make the show because I guess his Anniversary is more important then the Show. No worries because our 1 Man House Band, Hunter Hill fills in just fine. Listen and Enjoy.

JALS #122: Director Michael Kallio

Michael Kallio is a filmmaker living and working in Los Angeles. He cut his teeth making movies the old fashion way, and arrived in tinseltown just in time to see the industry go crazy with brand new technology and the explosion of new media. We talk to Mike about what it's been like to be working on both sides of that transitional coin, and if he's fully embraced the new after cutting his teeth on the old. It's a pretty groovy conversation that you shouldn't miss!

For more on Michael Kallio, check out his Youtube page here.

Episode 103: Comedian Andrew Ouellette and the Sketch Suicide Crew

When we booked comedian Andrew Ouellette to be on our show, we were only expecting to talk to him about his journey as a stand-up comic, and eventual move to the River City. What we got was that, plus a big announcement about his brand new sketch comedy show called! It's called Sketch Suicide, and if you want to know any more about it, you'll have to take a listen. To talk about the new project, Andrew brought his co-horts on the project, returning guests Derik Bishop and Claire Fischer, and future solo guest, Bryant Tarpley! They also brought beer, which Junior really appreciated, and forced Leo to reconnect with his twelve steps. 

For more information about Andrew Ouellette's comedy, check out his official website

For more information about Sketch Suicide, check out its official website.

Episode 102: Trash Film Orgy’s Christy Savage

The Trash Film Orgy (TFO) is a summer time staple here in Sacramento, CA. It's a six week film festival made up of midnight screenings of some of the finest (and not so finest) horror and exploitation films you'll ever seen. Each screening not only features the film, but also fun pre-show hijinks including costumed characters and movie themed sketches. Each year is also kicked off by the Sacramento Zombie Walk, an event where hundreds of people dress up as zombies and go on a parade of terror around downtown Sacramento. 

We were honored to have TFO co-founder and organizer, Christy Savage, sit down with us to talk about how the festival came to be, her beginnings working in public access, TFO's eventual merge into creating their own films, and a lot more! We also spoke with another member of the TFO family, Lauren Weber about performing in TFO films.

For more about the Trash Film Orgy and a schedule of events, check out their official website.

Episode 99: Chino LaForge and Sunny Dennis


Sun, Surf, Sand and Comedy? It’s not what you would usually think about when you visit Maui, but there is scene building there. I just recently returned from this Jewel in the Pacific and when I was there I got a chance to meet a couple of real funny and talented Comedians Chino LaForge and Sunny Dennis. These guys are responsible for the majority of booked shows on the island. I met the boys before a weekly open-mic at Stella Blues Café in Kihei. We talked about the local scene, other islands and the mainland as well as many more topics. It’s great to meet people who are making things happen. So if you are going to Maui hit these guys up. If you want to link up on Facebook Chino LaForge , Sunny Dennis , Power Up Comedy

Pictured Sunny Dennis, Leo Zuniga , Chino LaForge

Episode 97: Actor West Ramsey


On this episode we have Actor West Ramsey. We talk about the Sacramento Movie scene and what it takes to be employed in the local movie business. It turns out it takes giving a lot of shit away for free. He recently plays a Zombie in a Junior and Leo production. West seems to play a Zombie quite a bit. He will be making a geographical change in the near future up northwest. Keep an eye out for West on the big screen. If you want to learn more about West Ramsey check out his website. West Ramsey IMDB

Episode 96: Cheryl Leff


If Cheryl Leff tried to put all her hats on, she would need a dozen heads. She has degrees, makes movies and has had books published as well as many more accomplishments. Cheryl sits down with Junior and Leo to discuss many topics, one that is at the forefront is the Sacramento International Film Festival which the Boys participated in and Cheryl is in charge of. We also find out about Access Sacramento and how it can help the start you on the road to Film, TV and Radio. Take a listen.

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