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JALS #126: Rich Brockman & Tyler Phillips

We talk with stand-up comedian and returning guest, Rich Brockman (Facebook / Twitter) and musician/producer, Tyler Phillips about Rich's upcoming comedy record, "The Parody Album."

JALS #120: Singer-Songwriter Hans Eberbach

Our friend Hans Eberbach returns to the show! This time we're talking about family, creating, movies, Christmas songs, and embracing your inner child later in life. Hans also performs! Check it out!

For more Hans Eberbach, check out his website here.

Episode 113: Musicians Cory Gory and Tim P. (Babs Johnson Gang)

On this episode we welcome the lovely and talented musical minds behind the soul crushing sounds of the Babs Johnson Gang, Cory Gory and Tim P.! Listen as the two share how they met, came to be a gang, and drop pop culture references the likes the likes of which will blow your mind! These guys left Junior's head spinning, and Leo feeling really out of place. It's a super groovy episode, so check it out!

For more on the Babs Johnson Gang, check them out on Facebook here!

Episode 104: Junior & Leo LIVE feat. Michael O’Connell, Nick and Micaela Pettigrew, Swahili Passion

On this LIVE episode of The Junior & Leo Show we've got the masterminds behind the great geek comedy show, Critical Hit (Nick & Micaela Pettigrew)! We've also got comedy from Michael O'Connell (Comedians with Disabilities, The Mikes), and the sweet tunage of dynamic duo, Swahili Passion! We got it all, recorded LIVE at the Sacramento Comedy Spot.

For more Critical Hit go here.
For more Michael O'Connell go here.
For more Swahili Passion go here.

Episode 94: Singer-Songwriter Brittany Vanessa and Bassist DeVon (The Other Brittany)


In a world when the name "Britney" (in any incarnation) is synonymous with soulless pop music, one Brittany is aiming to take it back, and add a little soulful rock stank to it! That Brittany is Brittany Vanessa, and she's the lead singer, guitarist, and songwriter for the rock group, The Other Brittany. Brittany sat down with us, along with her bassist (and father), DeVon, to talk about what it's been like for her growing up in a musical family, venturing into songwriting and performing, and dealing with insecurities along the way. We find out what some of her musical influences are, what her goals are for the future, and what it's like to perform in a band with her father. They also perform two songs, and Junior attempts to start a war between her and certain pop singers who deserve it! For more Brittany Vanessa and The Other Brittany, check out their website here, and their Facebook page here.

Episode 85: Swahili Passion


On this episode of The Junior & Leo Show, the guys welcome local band, Swahili Passion! Dan Roberts and Don Penney make with the good times and funny by way of song. With tunes ranging in content from Star Trek to obscure African nations, the guys never fail to deliver a smile right to your face with each pluck of a guitar string. Listen as the guys talk about songwriting, what inspires them, hitting music open mics versus comedy open mics, the difficulties of maintaining a band, and where their dreams lead them. Check out more Swahili Passion online here.

Episode 71: Singer-Songwriter James Cavern


On this episode of The Junior & Leo Show we talk to the incredibly talented singer-songerwriter, James Cavern! James has been heating up the Sacramento music scene with a vengeance for the last few years, and has recently made a serious push to begin performing elsewhere like SXSW (South by Southwest) and a multi-city, multi-state tour this summer. Listen as we talk to him about his time growing up in England, the balls it took for him to walk away from a good paying job to do music full time, and the importance of approaching music (or anything else) with a good understanding of the business side. James also performs his single, "In My Sleep" live in studio. For more on James, be sure to check out his website:

Episode 69: Comedian Dorian Foster


On this episode the guys welcome comedian Dorian Foster to the show! Listen as they talk about Dorian's start in musical comedy by writing parody songs and teaming with others out of college, and then his eventual move to doing straight stand-up. The guys also discuss just what exactly the term "comedian" means these days, and Dorian shares his thoughts on shock comedy like Borat and Bruno. Dorian closes out the show with an incredible rendition of his song, "The Blow Job Song." Be sure to check him out online on Facebook!

Episode 64: Internet Sensation Taxi Dave


On this episode of The Junior & Leo Show, Sacramento's own Taxi Dave joins the guys to talk about his stint on Tosh.0, the highs and lows that lead him to creating the parody hiphop tunes that have gained him so much attention online, and his plans for the future! We also get surprisingly deep into TD's past and the business of being a cabby, and TD musically profiles the guys to demonstrate his ability to read people and create for them a superior taxi cab taking experience. To get more Taxi Dave in your life, check out his website:

Episode 58: Singer-Songwriter Sandra Dolores


On this episode of The Junior & Leo Show, Sacramento area singer-songwriter Sandra Dolores drops by the studio to talk about her journey as a musical performer thus far. From her early days as a teen, just learning how to play guitar and sing at the same time, to today with her days spent grinding away at honing her craft hosting two open mics and gigging all over town, we discuss in depth what drives her to perform, how she creates, and where she hopes to go in the future. She also performs a couple songs, too!

To find out more about Sandra Dolores, check out her website:

Episode 47: Straight Jacket Strippers (Rock Band)

Ever wondered what it takes to form a band, maintain it, make time for gigs and practicing, and the song-writing process? We discuss all of that and more at length with Sacramento rockers, Straight Jacket Strippers, on this episode of The Junior & Leo Show podcast. We also discuss how songwriting credits are attributed,  the band history of the band's members, and hit them up to perform some of their tunes life on the show! Good times ahead on this episode, so be sure to check it out, and support the incredible Sacramento music scene!

Episode 44: Comedian Hunter Hill

On this episode of The Junior & Leo Show: The guys talk to Sacramento, CA area singing comedian, Hunter Hill! Over the hour they discuss Hunter's journey as comedian, songwriter, as well as his own podcast "Werewolf Radio."‏

Episode 43: Zombie Vs Shark Podcast’s Jaye Vocque

On this episode actor, director, writer, and co-host of the Zombie Vs. Shark podcast, Jaye Vocque, sits down with Junior and Leo to talk about podcasting, as well as all of his other creative endeavors!

Episode 36: Artist Tomas Overbai

Illustrator and comic booker, Tomas Overbai, drops by the Big Z Broadcast Studio to talk about his life as an artist, his philosophies on creation, and about some of his projects he's working on.

Episode 35: Captain Amazing & the Okay I Guesses

On this special episode, the fine gentlemen of folk rock band, Captain Amazing & the Okay I Guesses, drop by the Big Z Broadcast Studio to talk about their life as a band, where they got their start, how they came together, and how they balance being in a band with being men with responsibilities. They also perform their tunes "Golden Spiral," "I Know Something's Wrong" and "Who Needs a Girlfriend." Also on the show: Mustaches, Chest Hair, Dick Jokes, and Leo Zuniga!

Episode 30: Singer/Songwriter Hans Eberbach is in the Studio!

2012 Sammie Singer/Songwriter Winner Hans Eberbach drops by the Big Z Broadcasting studio to talk about what it's like to be an active musician and a family man. He also shares about his days with the band Sweet Vine, the years he spent working in corrections, and his experience trying out for NBC's "The Voice." Hans also provides our music breaks playing his songs, "HushBreathHush""My Soul My Song" and "Can't Stop Loving You" live on the show! Check out Hans on Facebook and Twitter.

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