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Episode 77: Comedian Mike E. Winfield


On this episode of The Junior & Leo Show, we welcome Mike E. Winfield to the studio. Listen as Mike shares his second thoughts of even coming on the show after being followed by people on his way over. He also breaks down how he came to be in Sacramento, his start in comedy at a Laugh's Unlimited Open Mic, and his gradual ascent in the comedy world including Tribble Runs, local and college gigs, a spot on "The Late Show w/ David Letterman," and his foray into acting. You can also listen as Junior and Leo share their amazement about how Mike has managed to do it all while being a nice guy and staying humble. Check out more Mike E. Winfield online at his website:

Episode 73: Political Satirist/Writer John Marcotte


On this episode of The Junior & Leo Show, political satirist and pop culture writer, John Marcotte joins us! Together we discuss the recently reignited Prop 8 debate, and John talks to us about his efforts to have divorce banned and the media circus that followed, as well as pranks he's played around Sacramento and the Internet, how he uncovered In & Out's secret menu before it was a "thing," and he shares with us his latest effort to spread joy to the unfortunate hourly workers who have to work at fast food restaurants on Christmas called Cookie Project. Check out more of John and his work at his website:

Episode 60: The Friday Show


On this episode of The Friday Show the guys talk about recording future episodes with Sacramento's own Taxi Dave and Autumn Sky that week. Leo talks about attending a Narcissists Anonymous improv show at Comedy Sportz; Junior talks about seeing the Comedy Kill show at the Punchline; and they both address "drama" pertaining to them apparently talking crap about a buddy and former guest on a previous episode.

Episode 44: Comedian Hunter Hill

On this episode of The Junior & Leo Show: The guys talk to Sacramento, CA area singing comedian, Hunter Hill! Over the hour they discuss Hunter's journey as comedian, songwriter, as well as his own podcast "Werewolf Radio."‏

Episode 40: Comedian Keith Lowell Jensen

On this episode comedian Keith Lowell Jensen drops by to talk about his evolution from joke slinging fly to political/observational comic. We also talk about how he balances doing gigs with a wife and three year old at home. Also on the show: Junior and Leo whine about being tired.

Episode 39: Poet David Iribarne

On this episode of the Junior and Leo Show we have local Poet David Iribarne. David talks about his family and how some tragic events shaped his poetry. He talks about the local scene and recites some of his own works.

Episode 37: Owner of Empire Comics Vault Ben Schwartz!

Check out episode 37 of The Junior & Leo Show with our special guest, Ben Schwartz, owner of the lovely Empire's Comics Vault, as well as a comic book writer and reviewer. Listen to Leo and I rant about election day stuff, and then listen to us talk to Ben about writing comics, owning a shop, and playing with pugs.

Episode 32: Mike Millerick (Founder of Stockton-Con)

On this episode the creator/founder of the Stockton comic book convention, Stockton-Con, Mike Millerick, drops into the Big Z Broadcast Studio to talk about what it took to set up Stockton, CA's first ever comic book convention, his travels to other cons around the country, and we even get a little geeky about comedy and television. Also on the show: A song from Sweet Vine, and Junior's outrage at his guests uncanny ability to dominate him at SongPop.

Episode 27: Comedian Kareem Daniels

On this episode stand-up comedian, Kareem Daniels, stops by the Big Z Broadcast Studio to discuss his journey from masseuse to joke slinger! We also discuss race in comedy, Leo's Craigslist misadventure, and why the Black and Mexican community don't get along.

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Episode 24: Comedians Daniel Humbarger and Johnny Taylor!

Comedians Daniel Humbarger and Johnny Taylor drop by the Big Z Broadcasting Studio to discuss comedy, day jobs, the evolution of a joke, and more! Also on the show: Some acoustic Guns N Roses, a little My Morning Jacket, and we take a few moments to remember our friend, Sean Martin, who recently died after a long fight with cancer, and we remember as only a group of comedians can. This episode is dedicated to him in his memory.

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Episode 23: Comedians Emma Haney and Diego Curiel!

Comedians Emma Haney and Diego Curiel visit the Big Z Broadcasting Studio to discuss their respective journeys from shy teens to mic rockers, while Leo struggles to run the show on his own, because Junior is out sick and thinking he's going to die from those chops he took last week. Also on this week's show: Gangnum Style, a little Foo Fighters, and our Question of the Week: What's the sickest you've ever been?

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Episode 22: TWF Wrestlers JaccMovez and Christian Black

Junior starts a fight with JaccMovez and takes a Chop! Then Christian Black comes in and the 2 wrestlers have a Chop Off using Junior as the Chopping Dummy, sorry Junior! Great show!

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Episode 21: Wrestlers Jerimiah Groves and Christian Black in the Studio!

We have 2 wrestlers in the studio talking about the choice they made to put there bodies on the line to entertain the people. Jeremiah and Christian talk about the training the matches and the injuries that go with living in the ring. See these men in action at the Coloniel Theater on Sept 15, 7:00pm. Get in touch with them for ticket deals. We finish our talk with Chad. Leo and Junior argue about stuff. A little less about dog fucking, just a little. Has Leo had crabs? You'll have to listen to find out.


Jeremiah @ Jacc Movez

Christian @ Christian Black


Jeremiah @Jaccmovez

Christian @twfchristian

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Episode 20: We Talk to Improver Mignon Foster!

On this episode we talk to Mignon about where she was born. If you said her frontroom you would be right! I won't even get into the crystal. About what got her started on the path to improv. Being part of Lady Business and much more.

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Episode 16: Part 2 of the Comedian Jovon Torres Interview, and the News!

We talk with Jovon about relationships. Of love found and lost and the future. Oh and we have the news told by your hosts Junior and Leo.

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Episode 15: Comedian Jovon Torres

On the show this week Jovon Torres tells us about being the tallest Mexican in Sacramento. We talk comedy in Sacramento. How to promote yourself in the New Media age. Jovon tells us about his family and upbringing. Take a listen and enjoy.

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Episode 14: More w/ Jessica Wellington plus the News!

Part 2 of the Jessica Wellington interview. Junior and Leo bring you the hard hitting news of the day! Not really, Leo has a story about semen and Junior has one about the Insane Clown Posse. Enjoy. advertise on podbean

Episode 13: Comedian Jessica Wellington

We have Jessica Wellington in studio telling her tale of being a female in the sausagefest of the comedy industry. She tells us of her first kiss and her'll just have to listen to find out. We talk about the rough and tumble world of professional wrestling. I know, I was bored to.

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Episode 12: More w/ Paul Spalding plus Bad Karaoke!

We continue our chat with comedian, Paul Spalding, then drive the show right off the rails with some badly planned (and badly sung) karaoke, while ending in a flurry of voices and impressions from Paul and Junior! advertise on podbean

Episode 11: Comedian Paul Spalding

Another day in the podcast neighborhood. We have an in depth conversation about.....pretty much nothing. A lot of laughs a few tears. Mostly about Juniors childhood. Hey Koolaid!!! You'll have to listen to the show to find out about that inside joke.

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