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JALS #124: LIVE from Sac Comedy Fest at the Sacramento Comedy Spot

Better late then never. This is our LIVE Episode from the Sacramento Comedy Festival. All the usual suspects are there, Junior, Leo and our 1 Man House Band Hunter Hill. Hunter sings a couple of his jaunty tunes then Leo does a few minutes of Stand Up. We then turn the stage over to one of Sacramento's most well known Comedian Keith Lowell Jensen. It was a fun filled night. We can't wait till next year.

JALS #123: Shannon McCabe & Leslie Quong from The Vampire Ball

On this episode of the Show we have 2 Hotties from the Vampire Ball, Shannon McCabe and her right hand Gal Pal Leslie Quong. We find out if the Vampire Ball is just an excuse for ladies to show of the Goods. They say it's not but I'm skeptical. There is so much going on with this event that it looks like the Boys will have to be there. Oh I almost forgot, we talk about PORN.  We also have a little Twist because Junior Bruce was unable to make the show because I guess his Anniversary is more important then the Show. No worries because our 1 Man House Band, Hunter Hill fills in just fine. Listen and Enjoy.

Episode 103: Comedian Andrew Ouellette and the Sketch Suicide Crew

When we booked comedian Andrew Ouellette to be on our show, we were only expecting to talk to him about his journey as a stand-up comic, and eventual move to the River City. What we got was that, plus a big announcement about his brand new sketch comedy show called! It's called Sketch Suicide, and if you want to know any more about it, you'll have to take a listen. To talk about the new project, Andrew brought his co-horts on the project, returning guests Derik Bishop and Claire Fischer, and future solo guest, Bryant Tarpley! They also brought beer, which Junior really appreciated, and forced Leo to reconnect with his twelve steps. 

For more information about Andrew Ouellette's comedy, check out his official website

For more information about Sketch Suicide, check out its official website.

Episode 102: Trash Film Orgy’s Christy Savage

The Trash Film Orgy (TFO) is a summer time staple here in Sacramento, CA. It's a six week film festival made up of midnight screenings of some of the finest (and not so finest) horror and exploitation films you'll ever seen. Each screening not only features the film, but also fun pre-show hijinks including costumed characters and movie themed sketches. Each year is also kicked off by the Sacramento Zombie Walk, an event where hundreds of people dress up as zombies and go on a parade of terror around downtown Sacramento. 

We were honored to have TFO co-founder and organizer, Christy Savage, sit down with us to talk about how the festival came to be, her beginnings working in public access, TFO's eventual merge into creating their own films, and a lot more! We also spoke with another member of the TFO family, Lauren Weber about performing in TFO films.

For more about the Trash Film Orgy and a schedule of events, check out their official website.

Episode 79: The Junior & Leo Show LIVE w/ Rich Brockman & Hans Eberbach

It's the second LIVE episode of The Junior & Leo Show, but the first in our brand new Friday at 8pm time slot! Featuring stand-up comedian, Rich Brockman, and our musical guest, Hans Eberbach! (Recorded live at the Sacramento Comedy Spot)

Episode 69: Comedian Dorian Foster


On this episode the guys welcome comedian Dorian Foster to the show! Listen as they talk about Dorian's start in musical comedy by writing parody songs and teaming with others out of college, and then his eventual move to doing straight stand-up. The guys also discuss just what exactly the term "comedian" means these days, and Dorian shares his thoughts on shock comedy like Borat and Bruno. Dorian closes out the show with an incredible rendition of his song, "The Blow Job Song." Be sure to check him out online on Facebook!

Episode 67: *LIVE* at the Sacramento Comedy Spot


The Junior & Leo Show do their first *LIVE* podcast in front of an audience at the Sacramento Comedy Spot as apart of their first ever 48 Hr Comedy Marathon! On the show we have comedy and interviews with comedians Hannah Hosford and Saul Trujillo! Also featuring our one-man house band, Hunter Hill!

Episode 44: Comedian Hunter Hill

On this episode of The Junior & Leo Show: The guys talk to Sacramento, CA area singing comedian, Hunter Hill! Over the hour they discuss Hunter's journey as comedian, songwriter, as well as his own podcast "Werewolf Radio."‏

Episode 24: Comedians Daniel Humbarger and Johnny Taylor!

Comedians Daniel Humbarger and Johnny Taylor drop by the Big Z Broadcasting Studio to discuss comedy, day jobs, the evolution of a joke, and more! Also on the show: Some acoustic Guns N Roses, a little My Morning Jacket, and we take a few moments to remember our friend, Sean Martin, who recently died after a long fight with cancer, and we remember as only a group of comedians can. This episode is dedicated to him in his memory.

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Episode 22: TWF Wrestlers JaccMovez and Christian Black

Junior starts a fight with JaccMovez and takes a Chop! Then Christian Black comes in and the 2 wrestlers have a Chop Off using Junior as the Chopping Dummy, sorry Junior! Great show!

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Episode 21: Wrestlers Jerimiah Groves and Christian Black in the Studio!

We have 2 wrestlers in the studio talking about the choice they made to put there bodies on the line to entertain the people. Jeremiah and Christian talk about the training the matches and the injuries that go with living in the ring. See these men in action at the Coloniel Theater on Sept 15, 7:00pm. Get in touch with them for ticket deals. We finish our talk with Chad. Leo and Junior argue about stuff. A little less about dog fucking, just a little. Has Leo had crabs? You'll have to listen to find out.


Jeremiah @ Jacc Movez

Christian @ Christian Black


Jeremiah @Jaccmovez

Christian @twfchristian

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Episode 20: We Talk to Improver Mignon Foster!

On this episode we talk to Mignon about where she was born. If you said her frontroom you would be right! I won't even get into the crystal. About what got her started on the path to improv. Being part of Lady Business and much more.

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Episode 19: Talking about the Sac Comedy Fest!

In this episode Junior and Leo talk to Improv extraordinaire, Mignon Foster, about next week's 2nd Annual Sacramento Comedy Festival ( which will be taking place September 7th thru the 15th, and include Stand-up, Improv, Sketch Comedy, and more! We also talk about Leo's birthday, and discover who YOU want to punch in the face with this week's Question of the Week! Listen and win free tickets to the Festival. Phone number is (916) 243-0992, please call and leave a message!

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Episode 18: Part 2 of the Mike Betancourt interview.

Mike shows the full range of his voice mimicry. We have a visit from Randy the Macho Man Savage and other wrestling icons. A fast moving fun show. Take a listen.

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Episode 17: Comedian Mike Betancourt sits in the Podcast Studio!

Junior and Leo talk to Mike Betancourt about all the different social media outlets for your comedy. Also wrestling, yaaa wrestling! To contact Mike, Youtube-mikebcomedy. Twitter-mikebcomedy. Facebook-Mike Betancourt. Facebook-Don't Smile Productions. Enjoy!

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Episode 16: Part 2 of the Comedian Jovon Torres Interview, and the News!

We talk with Jovon about relationships. Of love found and lost and the future. Oh and we have the news told by your hosts Junior and Leo.

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Episode 15: Comedian Jovon Torres

On the show this week Jovon Torres tells us about being the tallest Mexican in Sacramento. We talk comedy in Sacramento. How to promote yourself in the New Media age. Jovon tells us about his family and upbringing. Take a listen and enjoy.

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Episode 14: More w/ Jessica Wellington plus the News!

Part 2 of the Jessica Wellington interview. Junior and Leo bring you the hard hitting news of the day! Not really, Leo has a story about semen and Junior has one about the Insane Clown Posse. Enjoy. advertise on podbean

Episode 13: Comedian Jessica Wellington

We have Jessica Wellington in studio telling her tale of being a female in the sausagefest of the comedy industry. She tells us of her first kiss and her'll just have to listen to find out. We talk about the rough and tumble world of professional wrestling. I know, I was bored to.

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Episode 12: More w/ Paul Spalding plus Bad Karaoke!

We continue our chat with comedian, Paul Spalding, then drive the show right off the rails with some badly planned (and badly sung) karaoke, while ending in a flurry of voices and impressions from Paul and Junior! advertise on podbean

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