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Episode 11: Comedian Paul Spalding

Another day in the podcast neighborhood. We have an in depth conversation about.....pretty much nothing. A lot of laughs a few tears. Mostly about Juniors childhood. Hey Koolaid!!! You'll have to listen to the show to find out about that inside joke.

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Episode 10: More w/ Chad Meisenheimer

We finish our talk with Chad. Leo and Junior argue about stuff. A little less about dog fucking, just a little. Has Leo had crabs? You'll have to listen to find out.

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Episode 9: Comedian Chad Meisenheimer

We have our first guest on the show, Chad Meisenheimer. We talk about the cut throat culture of comedy in the Sacramento area. Chad has a multi city Comedy Tour coming up. Junior Bruce talks to much, but what else is new.

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Episode 8: Little Nikki and the News

Another addition of our news segment featuring Little Nikki. Junior Bruce and Leo put in there 2 cents. Enjoy

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Episode 7: So We Changed the Name, It’s Our Show We Can do What We Want, Damn!

After a long discussion we came up with this Super unique name! Leo has a real father son moment. Junior asks Leo 5 questions. A heated discussion about punching 9 year olds. Junior cheats again on the Chick Flick of the Week. Leo rants about the elderly.

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Episode 6: Little Nikki and the News!

Olympic sex news and other titillating tidbits for your listening please.

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Episode 5: Who Has Stayed at the Red Roof Inn, Raise Your Hand!

Is there a house in Junior's future? Leo gives out some gardening tips about tomato cages. Junior Bruce answers 5 questions, very interesting answers. Leo watches an awful chick flick and Junior cheats. Rants about the blind.

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Episode 4: Little Nikki Talks about the News and Big Z and Junior Bruce talk Shit!

The news is delivered by Little Nikki in her beautiful pantsuit. Junior Bruce and Big Z sit around and crack wise. Funny stuff.

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Episode 3: Big Z Rants and Junior Bruce is a Karate Champion!

Big Z rants about Little Nikki's period. Junior Bruce Talkes about being a certified Karate Champion. Top 5 list. One of the worst Frenchy movies Big Z has ever seen. Take a listen.

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Episode 1: Family Vacations, Fun or Nightmare?

Big Z goes to Disneyland with the whole family, Junior Bruce asks why? Fight of the week, passive aggressive Junior and an unhelpful Z. Top 5 favorite Movies. The Boys review the Chick Flick of the Week. Miscellaneous discussion on parenting. Take a listen you just might learn something.

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