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JALS #194 Singer Zachary VanDyck

On this episode we have Singer/Songwriter Zachary VanDyck. We talk about his upcoming show and past shows. We also find out how going back to college fits into his plans. Enjoy.


JALS #164 Singer/Songwriter Jeremy Briggs

Have you heard about a show on TV called The Voice? Have you ever wondered what Shakira is really like? Well wonder No longer. We have have Singer/Songwriter Jeremy Briggs in studio, straight from his time on The Voice. We talk about his history in music and baseball. We hear about his journey with Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll...but he didn't do the Sex and Drugs part and just stuck with the music. Personally I thought the Sex and Drugs part was why ALL musicians got into it. That's why we are here and he is on the National stage. Enjoy.

JALS #162: Musician Justin Farren

In the Big Z Studio we have Singer/Songwriter Justen Farren. He drops a couple of beautiful songs for the Boys. We talk about the Sac Music Scene and Relationships. Who in the studio built there own house? Well it wasn't me or Junior that's for sure. What I really want to know is who's watching the Animals when he goes on Vacation. Listen and enjoy.

JALS #158: Singer-Songwriter Sandra Dolores

Sandra Dolores returns to the show to discuss her new EP, Anima. We also talk about what she's gone through in the last year since her first appearance on the show; the process she underwent to get her EP finished; the decision to take fewer cover song gigs to focus on original material; and the importance of branding your self effectively. She also performs. For more about Sandra, be sure to check out her official website:

JALS #157: Pop Singer Zach Van Dyck

On this episode we welcome up-and-coming pop singer, Zach Van Dyck! We talk about what it's like to be a male pop artist in a market with a very small pop music scene; how networking is crucial to promoting yourself and getting your music made; and the struggles he's experienced for liking pop music growing up. Great talk, check it out!

JALS #151: Singer-Songwriter Hans Eberbach

This guy was our first musical guest over a year and a half ago, and he just won't go away. In his 4th visit Hans talks about life on stage, the growing Sacramento music scene and a couple of friends, and Sacramento Musicians, that are on the Voice. We get into a little Grand Theft Auto talk and find out that Hans doesn't have the stomach for torture....Junior does. We almost for get the song, almost. Enjoy.

JALS #148: Drop Dead Red’s Carly DuHain & Gabriel Aiello

Soulful and melodic are just a few of the descriptions for the Voice of Carly DuHain. We hear what started her on her musical journey, was it love of music? Her parents guidance? No, it was a Guy. Take a listen to her story and a couple of songs.

JALS #136: Joe Kye

We finally get a little culture in Big Z Broadcast Studio as Joe Kye drops in with his Violin. Just one thing I should warn you about, Never and I mean NEVER call it a Fiddle! He goes CRAZY! Joe is a resent transplant from up north who has been here for a short time but has impressed some of Sacramento's most noted musicians. That is how we got his name. He drops a couple of original Tunes on us, and I'm here to say they sounded Great. You will think so too.

JALS #135: Gabe Nelson

Gabe Nelson, Bass player for the band Cake, stops by for a visit. Gabe talks about his days in the band while being a husband and a father; how he came to playing the Bass, writing and developing his own material, and performing with his wife, Peggy. They also play a couple tunes from their upcoming BellyGunner album. Be sure to rate and subscribe on iTunes, and add us to your playlists on Stitcher Radio!

JALS #120: Singer-Songwriter Hans Eberbach

Our friend Hans Eberbach returns to the show! This time we're talking about family, creating, movies, Christmas songs, and embracing your inner child later in life. Hans also performs! Check it out!

For more Hans Eberbach, check out his website here.

Episode 106: Singer-Songwriter Alexander Nelson (Walking Spanish)

Alexander Nelson has been working as a professional musician for a couple of years now doing double duty as a hired gun (guitar) and writing and singing in his own band, Walking Spanish. We talk with Alexander about what it takes to live his dream, where the desire came from, his musically inclined parents, and a whole lot more! Junior also embarrasses himself by constantly referring to Alexander as Andrew. Good times ahead on this episode of The Junior & Leo Show!

For more Alexander Nelson be sure to get him on Facebook here.
For more about Walking Spanish go here.

Episode 94: Singer-Songwriter Brittany Vanessa and Bassist DeVon (The Other Brittany)


In a world when the name "Britney" (in any incarnation) is synonymous with soulless pop music, one Brittany is aiming to take it back, and add a little soulful rock stank to it! That Brittany is Brittany Vanessa, and she's the lead singer, guitarist, and songwriter for the rock group, The Other Brittany. Brittany sat down with us, along with her bassist (and father), DeVon, to talk about what it's been like for her growing up in a musical family, venturing into songwriting and performing, and dealing with insecurities along the way. We find out what some of her musical influences are, what her goals are for the future, and what it's like to perform in a band with her father. They also perform two songs, and Junior attempts to start a war between her and certain pop singers who deserve it! For more Brittany Vanessa and The Other Brittany, check out their website here, and their Facebook page here.

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