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Episode 110: Roller Derby Girls Dirty-8-Special and Neill N Weep (Sacred City Derby Girls)

On this episode of the show the guys welcome Sacred City Derby Girls, Dirty-8-Special and Neill N Weep! We talk about Roller Derby, Sacred City Derby, and how they came into the fold. We also find out just how much Derby has taken over their lives, and become something of a second family. Junior also makes things awkward throughout by sharing his excitement in having them there, and is lucky to get out of the show without a black eye...which he totally would have enjoyed receiving!

For more about Sacred City Roller Derby online go to their official website here.
For more about Sacred City on Facebook go here.

Episode 98: Comedian Daniel Humbarger


Get ready to geek out with us as we talk to our guest this episode, stand-up comic, Daniel Humbarger! Not only do we discuss his comedy journey to date, but we also talk about weighing chasing that dream versus pursuing a career as a lawyer. We also get our geek on with talks about television shows like "Doctor Who" and "Game of Thrones." Lots and lots of fun was had on this episode. If you like it, maybe tell a friend? For more Daniel Humbarger, get him on Facebook here, and his Twitter here.

Episode 95: Comedian Johnny Taylor


Johnny Taylor is one of the fastest rising stand-up comics in Sacramento. In a short time he's gone from open mic grinding to featuring for national headlining acts. Johnny returned to The Junior & Leo Show to talk about how crazy his life has become since embarking on a comedy career, including the highs (opening for Brian Posehn, preparing for his first album recording later this year) and the lows (the end of his marriage). It's a candid conversation about comedy and life. Enjoy! For more Johnny Taylor, check out his facebook page here, or his website here.

Episode 90: Singer-Songwriter Dean Haakenson (Be Brave Bold Robot)


Dean Haakenson from Be Brave Bold Robot drops by the studio to chat about the music scene in Sacramento, his journey into becoming a musician, living in the downtown area, and bicycling. He also performs! For more Dean, check out his official website here.

Episode 89: The Friday Show


Hey look, it's another Friday Show! The guys talk about their last live show at the Comedy Spot. Junior rants about manners and being disrespected by a recent guest of the show, and Leo laughs at him.

Episode 88: Comedians Tom McClain and Steph Garcia


It's the wacky morning zoo episode of The Junior & Leo Show as we welcome comedians Tom McClain and Steph Garcia on the show. We attempt to talk about comedy, moving to LA, weight struggles as profiled on "Dr. Phil," the tole being a professional in comedy takes on family, and lots of other stuff...but ultimately this show was about one thing and one thing only, a very particular glory-hole. Yuck it up, maybe. For more Tom McClain go here. For more Steph Garcia go here.

Episode 86: Dancer Ryan Rivac

When it comes to doing it all, Ryan Rivac is nearly there. He's a trained chef, experienced dancer, and one member of David Garibaldi's back-up crew, the CMYK's. We talk to Ryan about family, what it's been like being involved in the Sacramento dance scene, as well as his journey into the world of chef-dom, and his experience on last season's "America's Got Talent." All that and more on this episode of The Junior & Leo Show.

Episode 85: Swahili Passion


On this episode of The Junior & Leo Show, the guys welcome local band, Swahili Passion! Dan Roberts and Don Penney make with the good times and funny by way of song. With tunes ranging in content from Star Trek to obscure African nations, the guys never fail to deliver a smile right to your face with each pluck of a guitar string. Listen as the guys talk about songwriting, what inspires them, hitting music open mics versus comedy open mics, the difficulties of maintaining a band, and where their dreams lead them. Check out more Swahili Passion online here.

Episode 84: The Friday Show


Hey look, it's another Friday Show! This time with more Friday than ever before! On this episode our friend Hunter Hill joins us as we talk about the tv shows we're watching, why dictators are a good thing, and Junior remembers a late friend.

Episode 76: Comedian Ngaio Bealum


Ngaio Bealum has been doing stand-up comedy since the late 80's. He's been killing crowds for decades, and it was an honor to have him drop by the Big Z Broadcast Studio and share a little insight on the business. We talk about his beginnings in comedy, how he came to be one of (if not the) leading comedian in the cannabis scene, as well as talking about his marijuana advocacy, being a parent, and pointing out how awful Junior's haircut is. Good times abound on this episode! Be sure to follow Ngaio online on Facebook and Twitter!

Episode 63: The Friday Show


On the second episode of The Friday Show, the guys talk about recording future eps with guests, (comedian) Ngaio Bealum and (dancing chef) Ryan Rivac, as well as other behind-the-scenes stuff with the podcast.

Episode 62: Singer-Songwriter Autumn Sky


On this episode of The Junior & Leo Show, the guys welcome the supremely talented and lovely, Autumn Sky! The red-headed singer-songwriter dynamo drops by the studio to talk about growing up in a big family, learning to write songs before learning the classic stuff, how she navigates digital distribution and social media, and she performs! We also chat it up a little with her band members, Anthony and Mandy! Good times ahead on this show, so give it a listen, and be sure to support Autumn and her band by checking them out online, and seeing them live!

Episode 61: Musician Elijah Jenkins of Eli & the Sound Cult


On this episode of The Junior & Leo Show the guys welcome Sacramento musician, Elijah Jenkins of the music project, Elijah & the Sound Cult. On the show we discuss what it's like to be a musician in the scene right now, how he goes about distributing and creating his music, and the toll being a working musician can take on family. We also play Eli and the Sound Cult jams "Anything You Wanted" and "Worst Thing to Happen to Me." Make sure to check out the rest of Elijah's work online!

Episode 52: Comedian Jason Resler

The life of a road comic is one of those tales rarely heard by the average citizen. Ask the average person on the street who who enjoys comedy, and surely they would be amazed at the number of professional comics making their bones doing gigs in places far away from the limelight of Hollywood or New York. Jason Resler is one such comic. Having spent the better part of two decades honing his craft up and down the pacific northwest and beyond, Jason has earned more than a few fans, and an immense amount of respect from his comedy peers in his hometown of Sacramento. We managed to sit down with Jason and talk about his life on the road, how he is fairing in LA after relocating there just last year, and what it's been like for him to navigate the untested waters of new media and social networking.

Episode 51: Artist Jared Konopitski

When it comes to describing the style of Sacramento based artist, Jared Konopitski, the only accurate thing to say is "uniquely his own." With his ever present upbeat attitude toward life, Jared makes happy art featuring monsters, animals, bugs, and anything else that comes to mind, across many different mediums. On this episode, Junior and Leo talk to him about what's it's been like for him as he travels down the artist's path including stories about where he gets his inspiration, how he approaches an art show, and something of the interesting projects he's worked on.

Episode 27: Comedian Kareem Daniels

On this episode stand-up comedian, Kareem Daniels, stops by the Big Z Broadcast Studio to discuss his journey from masseuse to joke slinger! We also discuss race in comedy, Leo's Craigslist misadventure, and why the Black and Mexican community don't get along.

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Episode 17: Comedian Mike Betancourt sits in the Podcast Studio!

Junior and Leo talk to Mike Betancourt about all the different social media outlets for your comedy. Also wrestling, yaaa wrestling! To contact Mike, Youtube-mikebcomedy. Twitter-mikebcomedy. Facebook-Mike Betancourt. Facebook-Don't Smile Productions. Enjoy!

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Episode 13: Comedian Jessica Wellington

We have Jessica Wellington in studio telling her tale of being a female in the sausagefest of the comedy industry. She tells us of her first kiss and her'll just have to listen to find out. We talk about the rough and tumble world of professional wrestling. I know, I was bored to.

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Episode 12: More w/ Paul Spalding plus Bad Karaoke!

We continue our chat with comedian, Paul Spalding, then drive the show right off the rails with some badly planned (and badly sung) karaoke, while ending in a flurry of voices and impressions from Paul and Junior! advertise on podbean

Episode 8: Little Nikki and the News

Another addition of our news segment featuring Little Nikki. Junior Bruce and Leo put in there 2 cents. Enjoy

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