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JALS #273 Comedian Rico Da Great

He has 9 lives is harder to kill then the Terminator and is Funny to Boot, I'm talking about none other then Comedian Rico Da Great! Rico stops by Big Z Studios to talk about growing up on the mean streets of Berkley and his first time on stage as well as some near death experiences. Take a listen and enjoy. He'll Be Back!


JALS #163: TV’s Mark S. Allen

On this episode we talk to TV and radio personality Mark S. Allen! We talk about his journey from small town Texas to Sacramento, and everywhere else in between. We laugh. We cry. We crack wise, and get real. Listen and enjoy! 


JALS #155: Professional Wrestler Dexter St. Jock

Current SPW (Supreme Pro Wrestling) Heavyweight Champion, Dexter St. Jock, joins us on the show this episode. We talk about going from being a fan to climbing into the ring, the perils of training and injury, how he got his name and persona, and much more!


JALS #153: Andru Defeye and Matt Brown (ZFG Promotions)

On this episode we've got Andru Defeye and Matt Brown. Andru is the founder of ZFG (Zero Forbidden Goals) a Sacramento based production and artist development company. He's also the organizer of #TheMostOpenMicintheCity, a guerilla style open mic that brings together some of the best hip hop artists, poets, musicians, and comedians together in random spots around the city. Matt Brown is a musician, artist, and maybe the funniest person we've ever had in studio. Together we chat about ZFG, open mics, battle rap, and more! 


JALS #149: Filmmakers Andrew Hooper & Tim Pronovost

Friends of the show Andrew Hooper (former guest, co-host of The Mouths of Madness, director) and Tim Provonost (former guest, Babs Johnson Gang, writer/director) stop by Big Z Studios: West to discuss their upcoming project, Cinema Incubo, a dark exploration into the underbelly of filmmaking. On the show we discuss the origin of the story, what inspired them to start it, and where they hope to take it. We also talk about the current state of cinema, what it means to be a critic/fan, and a host of other film geek stuff. Check it out!