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Episode 59: Comedian Des Henderson

February 28, 2013


Des Henderson is not only a comedian, but he's also the long-standing host of the Sacramento Comedy Spot's weekly Sunday night open mic. If you've been doing comedy for any period of time in the capitol city, you've no doubt met him and seen him work. On this episode of the Junior & Leo Show podcast, we get to talk to Des about what it's like to host/mc of an open mic for as long as he has--much longer than seems to be the norm in most cases--as well as getting into how he develops material, what his hopes and aspirations are for his comedy career, and if he worries about his comedy coming back to haunt him in his day job or with family. Junior also tells a story about how Des was the first comedian in Sacramento that he stalked online in attempting to gain the courage to get up on stage for the first time.