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Episode 99: Chino LaForge and Sunny Dennis

June 28, 2013


Sun, Surf, Sand and Comedy? It’s not what you would usually think about when you visit Maui, but there is scene building there. I just recently returned from this Jewel in the Pacific and when I was there I got a chance to meet a couple of real funny and talented Comedians Chino LaForge and Sunny Dennis. These guys are responsible for the majority of booked shows on the island. I met the boys before a weekly open-mic at Stella Blues Café in Kihei. We talked about the local scene, other islands and the mainland as well as many more topics. It’s great to meet people who are making things happen. So if you are going to Maui hit these guys up. If you want to link up on Facebook Chino LaForge , Sunny Dennis , Power Up Comedy

Pictured Sunny Dennis, Leo Zuniga , Chino LaForge