JALS #159: No Excuses Rap Battle League

April 15, 2014

We've had all kinds of creators on The Junior & Leo Show in our near two year journey, but this is definitely a first! The guys welcome Impact, Teddy Graham, and Repellent representing the No Excuses Rap Battle League into the Big Z Broadcast Studio (West)! We talk about the sport of competitive lyrical jousting, how No Excuses got its start, how our guests got involved, and how No Excuses is being received by other battle rap leagues in the area. We have interesting conversations about battle rap's involvement with the Hip Hop culture, how important Nu Media like Youtube is to growing the league, and what the future holds. If you've ever been at all interested in battle rap, this is the episode for you! noexcusesbattles.com

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JALS #158: Singer-Songwriter Sandra Dolores

April 11, 2014

Sandra Dolores returns to the show to discuss her new EP, Anima. We also talk about what she's gone through in the last year since her first appearance on the show; the process she underwent to get her EP finished; the decision to take fewer cover song gigs to focus on original material; and the importance of branding your self effectively. She also performs. For more about Sandra, be sure to check out her official website: SandraDolores.com

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JALS #157: Pop Singer Zach Van Dyck

April 8, 2014

On this episode we welcome up-and-coming pop singer, Zach Van Dyck! We talk about what it's like to be a male pop artist in a market with a very small pop music scene; how networking is crucial to promoting yourself and getting your music made; and the struggles he's experienced for liking pop music growing up. Great talk, check it out!

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JALS #156: Comedians Chadd Marty Beals and Phat Joe

April 2, 2014

On this Episode we have Comedian/Promoter Chadd Marty Beals and Comedian Phat Joe. We find out how Phat Joe went from his first open-mic to his third time on stage opening for Del Van Dyke. WTF! It's true so if your not opening by your third set your doing something wrong. We also find out about Chadd's rise from the ashes of a ruined life to being a Husband and a Father and Comedian/Promoter. Funny stuff.

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JALS #155: Professional Wrestler Dexter St. Jock

March 29, 2014

Current SPW (Supreme Pro Wrestling) Heavyweight Champion, Dexter St. Jock, joins us on the show this episode. We talk about going from being a fan to climbing into the ring, the perils of training and injury, how he got his name and persona, and much more!

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JALS #154: Comedians Jaime Fernandez and Michael Cella

March 24, 2014

It's always nice to talk to the next Generation of Comedians. Jaime and Michael are just that, hard working baby Comics.  Expect to see these 2 around for a long time. See them now every Tuesday at Luna's Cafe' as they host the Open-Mic.

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JALS #153: Andru Defeye and Matt Brown (ZFG Promotions)

March 14, 2014

On this episode we've got Andru Defeye and Matt Brown. Andru is the founder of ZFG (Zero Forbidden Goals) a Sacramento based production and artist development company. He's also the organizer of #TheMostOpenMicintheCity, a guerilla style open mic that brings together some of the best hip hop artists, poets, musicians, and comedians together in random spots around the city. Matt Brown is a musician, artist, and maybe the funniest person we've ever had in studio. Together we chat about ZFG, open mics, battle rap, and more! 

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JALS #152: Comedians & Musician Arjun Singh

March 11, 2014

On this episode we have Creator of the The Public Access Show. As the name suggests he dose a show at the Roseville Public Access Station, but this is not some stuffy boring show but a Fun filled Sketchfest! Also Arjun is the drummer for the Band Wallpaper. Enjoy.

The Public Access Show


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JALS #151: Singer-Songwriter Hans Eberbach

March 6, 2014

This guy was our first musical guest over a year and a half ago, and he just won't go away. In his 4th visit Hans talks about life on stage, the growing Sacramento music scene and a couple of friends, and Sacramento Musicians, that are on the Voice. We get into a little Grand Theft Auto talk and find out that Hans doesn't have the stomach for torture....Junior does. We almost for get the song, almost. Enjoy.

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JALS #150: Comedian Queenie TT

March 3, 2014

150 Episodes down and many, many more to come! So on this Episode we have the Very Funny Queenie TT, this is one of the most emotion packed interviews that we have done. We have never had anyone cry on the show. Take a listen to this incredible journey of loss and strength. Enjoy.

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