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Episode 114: Comedians Ray Molina and Alfonso Portela

We get deep on this episode of The Junior & Leo Show with comedians, Ray Molina and Alfonso Portela! We start with some light-hearted banter about comedy, and then at some point veer hard into some real talk about being insecure as a child, morphing into an angry adult, and then eventually having that epiphany that you have the power to change yourself, and thus taking on the responsibility to do the work. We eventually work our way back into talking comedy, but for anyone out there who has suffers from insecurities, and wants to change, this episode is HIGHLY recommended! One of the most real episodes of the show yet. 

For more about Ray Molina, check out his Facebook page here.
For more about Alfonso Portela, check out his Facebook page here.

Episode 112: Comedians Edwin Mendoza, JT Kelley and Darby Herms

On this episode we welcome some of the young bloods of the Sacramento comedy scene, Edwin Mendoza, JT Kelley, and Darby Herms! We get deep into JT's Kelley family horse rustling past, learn where Darby's dark sense of humor comes from, and why Edwin chooses to stay in Sacramento to grow as a comedian versus relocating somewhere else. We discuss all that and more on this episode! Strap in and get ready for weird!

For more on Edwin Mendoza check out his Facebook page here.
For more on JT Kelley check out his Facebook page here.
For more on Darby Herms check out his Facebook page here.

Episode 108: Comedian Myles Weber

Comedian Myles Weber drops by the studio to talk. He had the longest commute of any guest so far. Myles grew up and honed his skills in the east bay area, then after a break up and with nothing holding him here, he made the move to Los Angeles. He has released comedy albums, written for Smosh and featured on Ricki Lake, Myles is on the move. And his new girlfriend has a serious right cross. Listen and enjoy.

Episode 105: Comedian Stephen Furey

On this episode of the show we sit down with comedian, Stephen Frurey. We talk to him about starting in comedy, his process, what he believes it takes to succeed, writing under the influence, and hie style of comedy. We talk about bringing family to comedy shows to early, and pitfalls that can arise if you bomb in front of them. All this and More!!!

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