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Episode 57: Comedienne Janelle Murphey

February 19, 2013


What happens when life imitates art? Comedy of course! Real comedy. The sort of comedy you can both laugh at and be afraid of at the same time! Such is the life of comedienne, Janelle Murphey. Still only in her early twenties, Janelle has hit most of the stages in and around Sacramento, as well as become a booker, setting up shows in Midtown that feature some of the funniest women the Capitol City has to offer. Raised in a religious family in Lincoln, it was fun for us to talk to her about her first time venturing into Sacramento for the first time as a young adult, despite living just outside of it her entire life. We also talk to her about her process for joke writing thus far, and what her experiences have been like on and off stage working with the comedy community. Junior also steps in a giant pile of "DOH!" when the subject of a late relative is brought up, while Leo laughs maniacally at his faux pas.